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Krossover team’s up with the industry’s best trainers, coaches and leaders to bring an analytical perspective to teaching the game of football.  These videos will ultimately help you learn how #CoachSmarter by using film and analytics as your primary teaching tool.

1 Keys to a Successful Running Game out of the Shotgun | Gus Malzahn
2 Game and Practice Film Review | Gus Malzahn
3 Pass Protection Technique | Art Kehoe
4 Outside Zone Technique | Art Kehoe
5 Fire, Flood & Bootleg Rules | Dean Campbell
6 Combination Coverages | Dean Campbell
7 Ball Security | Steve Axman
8 Throwing on the Move | Steve Axman
9 Four Basics Top Ends Of The Routes | Urban Meyer
10 Releases | Urban Meyer
11 Draw & Screen Drills | John Levra
12 Important Fundamentals of a Pass Rusher | John Levra
13 Strip Scoop Score | Grant Cain
14 Feet Fit & Finish | Grant Cain
15 Open Field Angle Tackle | Grant Cain
16 Close Space Tackle Drill | Grant Cain
17 Sprint Out Passing | Steve Axman
18 Move Out Set Up Action | Steve Axman
19 Throwing on the Run | Aaron Brady
20 Tucking Away the Ball | Lou Marinelli
21 Quarterback Philosophy | Lou Marinelli
22 Ballhandling After Snap | Lou Marinelli
23 Screen Pass | Lou Marinelli
24 Full Sprint to Pass | Lou Marinelli
25 Half Sprint to Pass | Lou Marinelli
26 Ball Security During Scramble | Lou Marinelli
27 Pat-and-Go Drill | Lou Marinelli
28 Balance on the Pocket | Aaron Brady
29 Ball Security | Lou Marinelli
30 Alignment and Depth | Michael Clayton
31 Catch, Footwork Drill | Michael Clayton
32 Identifying Coverage | Michael Clayton
33 High School Football Coach Frank Rojas on Krossover
34 High School Football Coaches Attend Miami Dolphins Training Camp

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Krossover helps thousands of high school, college and professional coaches save time and coach smarter with it’s industry-leading film breakdown and analytical tools. By equipping teams with the right data, Krossover has proven to help any team win more games. Krossover’s CoachTube pages are committed to helping coaches of all levels with sport specific videos to assist in player development, team drills, trend reports and interviews.

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Mostly great and useful clips. Some average clips with little information. Something in here for most positions. Not a lot for running backs.
Jan 1, 16 03:37 AM

Jordy Felipe

Excellent course
Dec 18, 17 07:04 PM