The Complete Color Cadence System

by Thad Wells
The Complete Color Cadence System


Learn 11 Different Cadences That Any Offense Can Use to Manipulate a Defense

Don't Overlook One of the Most Important Controllables on Offense

As coaches, we strive to equip our teams with the tools they need to excel, to push beyond their limits, and to achieve greatness on the field.

Yet, amidst the myriad strategies and tactics at our disposal, one critical element often goes overlooked: the cadence.

Introducing The Complete Color Cadence System – a comprehensive approach developed from years of in-depth research, trial, and firsthand coaching experience.

This system isn't just a method; it's a game-changer for football teams of any level, offense style, and tempo.

Why Cadence Matters

Several years ago, a crucial game highlighted a significant gap in our strategy.

Despite our efforts, our single-dimensional cadence strategy limited our offense's potential.

It was a wake-up call that led to the creation of the Complete Color Cadence System.

Our system empowers coaches with 11 different cadences, offering unparalleled control over the game's flow and putting the defense on the back foot.

Features of The Complete Color Cadence System

  • 11 Innovative Cadences
    Designed to be seamlessly integrated into any offensive strategy, whether you prefer a huddle or no-huddle approach, up-tempo or slow.
  • Versatile Application
    Suitable for every level of football, from youth to the pros.
  • Control and Manipulate the Defense
    Keep the defense guessing and exploit their vulnerabilities.
  • Minimized Penalties
    Our system emphasizes precision and discipline, reducing the risk of false starts.
  • Comprehensive Implementation Guide
    From the offseason to in-season adjustments, we cover how to effectively integrate these cadences into your team's playbook.
  • Exclusive Bonus Cadence
    Learn about a unique cadence that led to a pivotal playoff victory and the surprising aftermath.

Your Path to Coaching Excellence

This system was born from a personal coaching journey, from the realization that to truly prepare our teams, we needed more than just plays; we needed a strategic edge that could only come from mastering the cadence.

With contributions from high school to NFL coaches, The Complete Color Cadence System is your comprehensive guide to unlocking this overlooked aspect of football strategy.

Special Offer: Risk-Free Guarantee

We're so confident in the value The Complete Color Cadence System will bring to your team and coaching career that we offer a complete refund if it doesn't significantly impact your success.

There's absolutely no risk – you're either going to revolutionize your offense or get your investment back, no questions asked.

Take Control and Elevate Your Game Today

Don't let another game slip through your fingers due to unexploited advantages.

Whether you're looking to subtly integrate two or three cadences or overhaul your approach with all 11, The Complete Color Cadence System is tailored to fit your needs.

It's more than just a set of commands; it's a way to instill confidence in your team, to control the game on your terms, and ultimately, to secure more victories.

Secure your access to The Complete Color Cadence System now, and start the journey to more dynamic, controlled, and successful football coaching.


The Coach


Thad Wells

2018 AFCA 35U Selection and State Champion Head Football Coach


Thad Wells has been a head high school football coach for five different programs in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. He is currently the head coach at Lakeway Christian Academy in Tennessee. Last year Thad was a football assistant at the University of Virginia. Thad is known for his creativity and thoughtful approach to life and the game of football. The way he runs his program is unique, his offense is unique, and how he teaches the game is unique.

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