The Complete Middle School Air Raid Webinar Series

by Matt Lasker
The Complete Middle School Air Raid Webinar Series


We are on a mission to enable coaches to install, implement and dominate using the Air Raid Offense. This webinar series will take coaches through every aspect they need from Offensive Philosophy, Play Concepts Selection, Install Plans, Practice Plans, Playbooks, everything they need A - Z. The kids love it, the parents love it and the participation numbers are better because of it. All coaches have to do is watch a few videos and your kids will thank you for it!


1 Episode 1: Why the Air Raid, History & Philosophy. 15:12 2 Episode 2: Formations & Skill Types 16:11 3 Episode 3: Air Raid Menu, Pick Your Poison 17:40 4 Episode 4: 4 Verticals & Why we give it its own day in the sun! 26:14 5 Practice Drill Film: Training 4 Verts Rules w/ Routes on Air 8:31 6 Episode 5: 3 Quick Game Plays #Stick #Corner #FadeOut 49:05 7 Episode 6: 3 Drop Back Game Plays 51:35 8 Practice Drill Film: The Everyday Mesh Drill 6:37 9 Episode 7: All Things Screen Game 28:07 10 Episode 8: 3 Run Plays 51:32 11 GT Counter Breakdown & Cut Ups (8U-14U) 12 Episode 9: Pass Protection Responsibilities (OL, RB & QB) 16:52 13 Episode 10: 3 Day Install + Practice Plans 22:09 14 Episode 11: Communicating Plays In-game, Hand Signals & Wristbands 17:20 15 Episode 12: Air Raid Everyday & Specialty Drills 21:52 16 Practice Drill Film: Warm Up w/ Settle 'n Noose & Pat 'n Go 4:28 17 Spreadsheet: 3 Day Install + Practice Plans 18 Middle School Air Raid Playbook 19 Corner Concept Cut Ups 6:20 20 Stick Concept Cut Ups 2:36 21 4 Verticals Concept Cut Ups 10:21 22 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 1: Why the Air Raid + Philosophy 7:02 23 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 2: Formations & Position Skill Sets 14:22 24 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 3: Air Raid Play Menu, Pick Your Poison 15:31 25 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 4: 3 Quick Game Plays Concepts, Chalk, & Cut Ups 37:17 26 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 5: 3 Drop Back Game Plays, Concepts, Chalk & Cut Ups 28:19 27 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 6: 3 Screen Plays, Concepts, Chalk & Cut Ups 37:17 28 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 7: 3 Run Plays, Concepts, Chalk & Cut Ups 21:16 29 2019 Middle School Air Raid, Ep 8: Pass Protection, O-Line & RBs 14:16 30 GT Counter Breakdown & Cut Ups (8U-14U)

The Coach


Matt Lasker

Train Quarterback Decision Making, Light Up the Scoreboard


  • University of Nevada Football Scholorship Athlete ('01)
  • Athletic Director, Head Football Coach and Offensive Coordinator at the San Ramon Vallley Thunderbirds Football & Cheer Organization (est 1958)
  • 2 Turkey Bowl Titles, 1 NorCal Championship
  • Air Raid Certified
  • YouTube - CoachLasker

Ratings and Reviews (20)

David Hunter

Great course for breaking down the air raid in to a simple to understand system for youth and middle school teams! If you are a youth or middle school coach make re to join the Facebook group as well.

Jun 20, 20 12:12 PM

Todd Jolly

If you are a Middle School Football coach and interested in the Air Raid, you MUST get this course. Years ago, as a Middle School coach, I found it difficult to get answers to questions I had that are unique to the Youth / Middle School environment. This course not only proves that the Air Raid can be run at lower levels, it is also very comprehensive in explaining how to pull it off. Finally, Coach Lasker has also done an amazing job of bringing together coaches from around the country who all want to see a resurgence in football participation and who believe that throwing the ball around to many different athletes is the way to do it. #Lethemthrow

Jun 20, 20 04:13 PM


This course is a great course for any MS/Youth coach that wants to rub the Air Raid! Coach Lasker beaks down everything from player personnel to install to drills. I highly recommend this course!

Jun 20, 20 05:55 PM

Doyle McKee

Great course. Hope to use some of this with my 12U team this year.

Jun 20, 20 06:01 PM

Coach Kile

Our coaching staff decided to make the switch to the air raid this year. I started searching for middle school specific air raid content and am so glad I ran into Matt and his air raid classes. He is establishing something special and his decision to share it with youth and middle school coaches is truly a blessing.

Jun 20, 20 06:54 PM

Nate Hakes

Coach Lasker has done an amazing job of installing this offense at the JH level. This course will lay out the fundamentals needed to run the air raid at the youth and JH level. He makes it so simple and effective.

Jun 20, 20 07:00 PM


This course along with conferences you've orchestrated have helped me immensely.

Jun 20, 20 09:48 PM

Ryan Hensley

Coach Lasker has put together a great course. It’s great for middle schools ages and the key is its simplicity. Coach totally gets it. Keep it simple and the Air Raid at ANY level is about reps. Small playbook and rep the heck out of it. Great job coach!!!

Jun 21, 20 03:29 AM

Manny Juncos

This is awesome stuff. Coach Lasker started with the same information I was gleaning from high school air raid coaches, then went the one step further and provided me with the necessary modifications to make it work with the younger age groups. A must have training course for any coaching running air raid and 8th grade and earlier.

Jun 21, 20 04:59 AM

Coach Jim

Great content. The title says it all. This is a complete seminar for a coach to install the Air Raid at Middle School/Youth level. Coach Lasker includes white board descriptions, play cut ups, practice drills and install schedules. I can't wait to implement with my team this season.

Jun 21, 20 09:20 AM

Michael Harris

This coaches webinar byCoach Lasker, is awsome. He has completely explained the middle school Air Raid system. He has provided coaches with diagrams, film cut ups for the quick and drop back passing game. Coach Lasker will soon be the standard to which all Middle School Air Raid programs will be measured. Don't delay watch, learn and apply the group drill principals to your program. You will not be confused or disappointed.

Jun 21, 20 06:17 PM


If you're a Youth or Middle school coach this series will change your perspective on what you can accomplish with the spread offense with younger groups. Coach Lasker has adapted the approach from some of the best minds in the Modern Air Raid and adapted them perfectly to the Youth Game. Thank you Coach Lasker!!

Jun 22, 20 04:53 PM


Coach Lasker shares his insight and helps any coach to feel confident installing both pass and run concepts. He is very detailed in his explanations and gives specific visuals to help ensure comprehension.

Jun 23, 20 04:11 AM


Coach Lasker is the real deal. If you are a middle school coach this is what you have been looking for - the Air Raid against 1 high safety and 5 man fronts. I have been following other coaches like Coach McKie and Coach Mumme - they are awesome in how they teach the Air Raid - but I always go frustrated because I wanted more on youth football specifically - this course does that.

Jun 23, 20 08:41 AM

Rodney Young

great course. have a 10u team. i think we have the athletes to implement this style of play. much safer than the traditional power youth offenses. definitely game changing, and possibly game saving.

Dec 20, 20 05:48 PM

Jason Semeyn

great stuff

Feb 18, 22 09:14 AM

Joshua Steichen

Fantastic course. So looking forward to implementing these concepts this year!

Jun 6, 22 02:32 PM

Ray O'Donnell

The simplicity and organization of the program are top notch. Would love to see an update. And maybe an advanced portion for adjustments and modifications for teams that have added new wrinkles. I'd recommend this to other coaches.

Jul 14, 23 10:21 AM

Johnie Moreno

Very informative, especially for FREE! I was a new coach and wanted to learn as much as I could about the Air Raid and was blown away by how much information is here! You can run an entire offense based off of this 1 free course if you invest in it.

Nov 6, 23 06:40 AM

John Scott

What a great course! Could use an update but the youtube channel is normally up to date. As a new head coach this was a God send. Thanks for your help!

Jun 20, 24 07:38 AM

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