The Extemes Offense : Force the Defense to think

by Spencer Wheeler


A PowerPoint on the offense that allowed us to move from an average team into a competitor, and eventual league title winner. We were able to move from averaging less than 14 Points Per Game, to over 40 the Following season, and over 50 Points this past season. 

Basing out of 32 Personnel this offense is unconventional in today's modern game. Being able to move from balanced, to unbalanced, to very unbalanced (6 Man Surface) and then back again causes alot of strain on not only the defensive coaches but the Players as well. 

Additionally, our Empty package is covered which still maintains our 32 Personnel roots, but allows us to be very multiple and give the Defense another set to gameplan for.

***Please Note*** This is a PowerPoint presentation with play illustrations and descriptions and general thinking and methods used within this offense. There is No Video or Audio attached, however, video can be emailed to you upon purchase. (Just send me an email). 



The Coach

5 Years at the High School Level (Frosh and Frosh/Soph). 

Defensive Co-Ordinator for 1 Year.

Offensive Co-Ordinator for 4 Years.


Helped orchestrate a dramatic change in offensive output, from less than 14 Points Per Game four years ago, to over 45 Points Per Game two Seasons ago, and over 50 PPG this past season.

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