The Football Handbook

by vIQtory Sports
The Football Handbook


The Only Football Guide You'll Ever Need

We take you deep inside the game of football. The Football Handbook has everything you'll need to learn scheme, formations, techniques. You'll get a complete breakdown of how coaches all around the world are teaching and evolving the game of football.

Included In This Course:

  • Courses For Every Position On The Field
  • Deep Look Inside Offense & Defensive Philosophies Used In Football
  • A Breakdown Of Offensive Concepts
  • A Breakdown of Defensive Schemes Such As 4-3, 3-4, 5-3 & More!
  • Offensive & Defensive Passing Concepts Explained
  • Exclusive Breakdowns From Professional Athletes
  • Video & Written Breakdowns
  • Access To The vIQtory Staff For Your Questions

When you purchase our course, you'll get the contents listed in the course outline above, as well as the following:

An Advanced Understanding Of Football - We've broken down the game so any coach or player can understand even the most complex systems, schemes, coverages and techniques.

Coach Any Position - Learn the fundamentals of each position so you're able to follow along during a game or help your players get better.

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Offensive Concepts
1 Difference Between RPO's, Read Option & Play Action 2 The Route Tree In Football 3 Running The Power Play 4 Understand The Mesh Concept 5 Understanding The Smash Concept 6 Understanding The Flood Concept 7 Understanding The Shallow Concept 8 Understanding RPO's 9 RPO Tags
10 Understand The Basics Of Pass Coverage 11 Understanding Defensive Fronts 12 Understanding Defensive Coverages 13 What Are Sprint Outs & Naked Bootlegs? 14 What Are Cadences In Football? 15 QB Talk With Former Pro Sage Rosenfels
Running Back
16 Ball Security 17 RB Talk With Kelvin Taylor 18 RB Talk With Cedric Benson 19 RB Screens - What Are They?
Wide Receivers
20 What Are The X Y Z Receivers? 21 Learn What Eligible Reivers Are 22 How To Beat Press Coverage
Tight End
23 Learn About The H-Back / Sniffer Back In The Spread Offense
Defensive Philosophy & Concepts
24 Understanding 4-3 & 3-4 Defense 25 Understanding Defensive Fronts 26 3rd Down Packages 27 Cover 0 28 Cover 1 29 Cover 2 30 Cover 4 31 Palms/Trap Coverage
Defensive Backs
32 Defensive Backs With Former Pro Ricky Manning Jr.
33 Triangle Reads 34 Stance & Start 35 How & Why Teams Blitz 36 Linebacker Talk With Pierre Woods
Defensive Line
37 Stance & Start 38 Understand Offsides, Neutral Zone Infraction & Encroachment 39 Defensive Pass Rush Moves Explained 40 Jared Odrick Talks Defensive Line 41 Sam Adams Talks Defensive Line
Offensive Line
42 Proper Stance & Weight Distribution 43 Legal & Illegal Blocks 44 How To Snap A Football & Different Types Of Snaps 45 Fundamentals Of Inside Zone 46 Half Slide Pass Protection 47 Full Slide Pass Protection 48 Man Protection Scheme 49 O-Line Talk With Willie Roaf 50 O-Line Talk With Dalton Risner 51 O-Line Talk With Jon Jansen 52 1 Hand Jam 53 2 Hand Jam 54 Mirror Technique

The Coach

Learn from the vIQtory team, who's met with over 200+ coaches and 100+ professional athletes to shape our content.

Our team of analysts, coaches, and former players have constructed everything you need to know about the game of football. Whether you've been coaching for one year or ten years, there's something to learn for everyone!

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