The Ultimate Linebacker Training

by Joe Klanderman
The Ultimate Linebacker Training


In The Ultimate Linebacker Training, coach Joe Klanderman shares firsthand the methods that have provided a great deal of success for the defensive line of the Minnesota State Mavericks. This coaching course details the basic attributes that coaches should look for in their linebackers, as well as details the six areas that should be the focal points of a systematic teaching progression for developing linebackers.

These coaching videos also feature a series of game-tested practice drills for enhancing the performance level of linebackers. These drills are designed to enable coaches to accomplish specific, targeted objectives on the field—where it counts. 

Among the topics covered:

Characteristics of a linebacker
Teaching progression
Drill work
Initial-footwork drills
Key-reads drills
Block-destruction drills
Tackling drills
Movement drills
Pass-Rush drills

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