Tite Front Defense - Run Fits with RPO Responsibilities (Part 2)

by Chris Vasseur
Tite Front Defense - Run Fits with RPO Responsibilities (Part 2)


This course is Part 2 of the "Tite Front Defense Bundle" from Coach Vass. If you want to see the bundle containing all three courses, "Building a Base Tite Front Package," "Tite Run Fits with RPO Responsibilities," and the "Tite Front Pressure Package," click HERE!

This course examines the run fits and RPO responsibilities for the three main calls in the first course of the Tite Front Package: Tite 4, Tite 3, and Strong 3. Each section will have an explanation of the run fits by formation, and then examine how to fit up against each of the main runs you will see against this defense, factoring in how RPOs affect the defenders' responsibilities.

The first part of the package provides an overview of the Tite Front defense, front techniques, and an in-depth explanation of the calls featured in this course. You can purchase that HERE.

The third part of the package is the course on pressures. Coach Vass examines how to add a 4th rushers with internal plugs, and edge rushes, Fire Zones with 2 and 3 Deep coverage, 5-man double edge pressures, 2-from-a-side pressures, and 6- and 7-man Eyes/Hot pressures, as well as max peel pressures. You can purchase that course, HERE.


Introduction & Overview of Run Fits
1 Introduction 2:10 2 Run Fits Overview and Evolution 10:19
Tite: Insert/Jack 4 Run Fits vs. 2x2 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
3 Zone Read to TE 2:54 4 Zone Read - 4 WR Look (with Pistol Reads) 5:45 5 Split Zone Weak 5:24 6 Wide Zone to TE 1:53 7 Power Read - Arc & Read 4i (4 WR Look) 6:02 8 T Fold/Dart (4 WR Look) 3:14 9 Power to TE 4:28 10 Pin-Pull to TE 4:48
Tite: Insert/Jack 4 Run Fits vs. 3x1 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
11 Zone Read to TE 3:56 12 Zone Cut Weak (Down Play) 5:51 13 Zone Read Weak (TE Arc to Force) 2:51 14 Zone Read Weak (Arc & Read 4i) 4:22 15 Zone Read Weak (4 WR Look) 2:14 16 Split Zone Weak 2:23 17 Stretch Bash to TE (Arc & Read 4i) 1:49 18 Counter Weak 6:30 19 Pin-Pull to TE 2:34 20 Tite/Jack 4 vs. 3x1 Nub Formations 8:49 21 QB Counter OT Read/RB Flare Weak (4 WR Set) 4:05 22 QB Counter Lead Weak (4 WR Set) 1:53 23 QB Pin-Pull G Lead (4 WR Set) 2:42
Tite: Insert 3 Run Fits vs. 2x2 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
24 Tite 3 Fits Overview 5:23 25 Zone Read to TE 0:53 26 Split Zone Weak 1:27 27 Dart/T Fold (4 WR Set) 7:38
Tite: Insert 3 Run Fits vs. 3x1 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
28 Zone Read Weak (4 WR Set) 3:20 29 Split Zone Weak 2:50 30 Zone Cut Weak (Down Play) 5:54 31 Zone Read Weak (Arc & Read 4i) 5:00 32 Pin-Pull to TE 2:56 33 Counter Weak 1:46 34 Power Read to TE (Arc & Read 4i) 1:28
Nickel/Star Rush Cover 3: Run Fits vs. 2x2 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
35 Split Zone Weak 1:47 36 Power to TE 2:04 37 Pin-Pull to TE 1:53
Nickel/Star Rush Cover 3: Run Fits vs. 3x1 (All Plays w/ Y in Core Unless Noted)
38 Zone Cut Weak (Down Play) 4:20 39 Zone Weak/Y in the Flat Strong 1:41 40 Pin-Pull to TE (3x1 Nub) 1:48
41 Tite 4 vs. 2x2 (Y in the Core) 1:17:04 42 Tite 4 vs. 2x2 (4 Open) 20:39 43 Tite 4 vs. 3x1 (Y in the Core) 1:05:30 44 Tite 4 Special vs. 3x1 (4 Open) 32:07 45 Tite 4 Special vs. 3x1 Nub 14:37 46 Tite 4 Compass vs. 3x1 Nub 10:15 47 Tite 4 Compass vs. 4x0 Nub 20:54 48 Tite 4 vs. Other Formations 12:39
49 Tite 3 vs. 2x2 (Y in the Core) 13:29 50 Tite 3 vs. 3x1 (Y in the Core) 37:52 51 Tite 3 vs. 3x1 (4 Open) 22:01 52 Tite 3 vs. 3x1 Nub 17:26 53 Tite 3 vs. 4x0 Unbalanced 10:39
54 Strong 3 vs. 3x1 41:50 55 Strong 3 vs. 2x2 30:18 56 Strong 3 vs. 3x1 Nub 6:50 57 Strong 3 vs. 3x1 Unbalanced 14:20

The Coach


Chris Vasseur

The Quarterback can't see with tears in his eyes


Chris Vasseur, AKA "Coach Vass," is a consultant for football teams of all levels across the world. He has worked with amateur, high school, college, and professional teams, including the NFL. He is also the host of the "Make Defense Great Again" and "Run Vass Option" podcasts. Coach Vass also works with Hudl, hosting clinics and producing content for coaching education. Vasseur also runs a Patreon for advancing all things defense!

Coach Vass' last stop was as the Defensive Coordinator/Corners coach for Clovis High School in Clovis, California. In his first year with Clovis, the 2018 team saw its overall CalPreps ranking improve by 100 spots. Before working at Clovis, Vasseur was the Defensive Coordinator/Corners coach for five seasons at Junipero Serra High School (San Mateo) from 2013-2017. In 2017, the Padres won the 2AA CIF State Championship in California, picking up a league title, section title, and regional title. Vasseur led a stingy defense that gave up only 8.5 points per game in the league and held the #1 offense in the entire country to 14 points in the state game, 7 of those coming on a Hail Mary. The Padres also won a league, section, and regional title in 2016, falling short in the state championship game. In 2014, Serra won a league title, and in 2013, they won the one and only CCS Open Division championship for football in school history and a league championship. In total, Vasseur helped the Padres hang 10 banners in 5 years: 4 league championships, 3 section titles, 2 regional titles, and 1 state championship, with his defenses averaging around 14 points a game given up, in the most competitive league in Northern California.

In 2012, Coach Vass was the Defensive Coordinator/Secondary coach for St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California. Coach Vasseur helped the Lancers win their first section title in ten years, helping the defense shave 8 points a game off of their average points.

During the 2011 season, Vasseur was the Corners coach at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, coaching with current UIW Safeties coach Brandon Lechtenberg and LSU assistant Ronnie Wheat. In 2010, he was the Secondary Coach and Asst. Defensive Coordinator at Hartnell College in Salinas, California.

Before his second stint in the college game, Vasseur served as the Defensive Coordinator/Corners coach in 2008 and 2009 at Gilroy High School in Gilroy, CA. In 2008, he helped Gilroy shave 9 points a game off their points per game average and a league championship.   During the off-seasons of the 2008-2010 high school/junior college seasons, Vasseur served as a coach for the semi-professional team, the Central Coast Barnstormers in Gilroy, CA. In addition, he served as the Defensive Backs coach in 2009, the Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach in 2010, and the Head Coach for the 2011 season.

Vasseur's first high school coaching job was at Los Altos High School in Los Altos, CA, serving as the Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach, working with former SJSU and Utah Offensive Coordinator and Eastern Michigan head coach Rick Rasnick.

Before coaching high school football, Vasseur served as a Graduate Assistant/Assistant Video Coordinator for football at San Jose State University in the fall of 2006. Chris would later receive his Masters in Arts from SJSU in Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Psychology. In his first football job, Vasseur served as a student assistant in the video department for football at the University of Miami during the final semester of his senior year. Vasseur graduated from "The U" in the Fall of 2006, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Music Business and the Entertainment Industry.

A native of Orlando, Florida, Vasseur attended Bishop Moore High School. Chris has a unique background, writing a book and making a record before the age of 25. On said record, Coach Vass played drums on all tracks, bass on 6 tracks, backup vocals, noise guitar, as well as a mouth trumpet solo on the song, "Never (Always) Been About You."

2018-19:  Clovis HS (Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs)
2013-17:  Junipero Serra HS (Defensive Coordinator/Corners – Asst. HC from 2013-15)
2012:  St. Francis HS (Defensive Coordinator/Secondary)
2011:  Millsaps College (Corners)
2010:  Hartnell College (Secondary/Asst. Defensive Coordinator)
2008-09:  Gilroy HS (Defensive Coordinator/Corners)
2007:  Los Altos HS (Defensive Coordinator/Secondary)
2006:  San Jose State (Asst Video Coordinator – Graduate Assistant)
2006:  University of Miami (Video – Student Assistant)

2011:  Central Coast Barnstormers (Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator)
2010:  Central Coast Barnstormers (Defensive Coordinator/Asst. Head Coach)
2009:  Central Coast Barnstormers (Secondary/Asst. Defensive Coordinator)

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Comprehensive overview of Tite Front run fits with video examples. Everything you could want to know about fitting Tite 4 & Tite 3.

Feb 9, 23 04:58 PM


Fantastic detail, comprehensive teaching from a true pro.

Feb 24, 23 01:11 PM

Andrew Nevit

Very knowledgeable and sound run fits with a variety of options and scenarios

Mar 9, 23 05:12 AM

Gordon Reid

This was everything you need to know

Mar 22, 23 06:41 AM

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