Top 10 RPO Concepts

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Top 10 RPO Concepts


If you're a football enthusiast, coach, or player looking to gain an edge on the field, this course is designed to provide you with valuable insights and strategies surrounding Run Pass Options (RPOs). We will take you through the top 10 RPO concepts that have proven to be effective and game-changing in various football scenarios. You will get Comprehensive RPO Breakdowns, learning about the key principles, strategies, and decision-making processes behind each play. You will be able to instantly have Playbook Integration: Discover how to seamlessly integrate RPOs into your team's offensive playbook. Understand how these concepts can be tailored to suit your team's strengths, exploit defensive weaknesses, and maximize your chances of success. Inside we discuss Quarterback Reads and Progressions. Understand how to make split-second decisions based on the defense's reaction and take advantage of the most favorable options. Gain valuable insights through game film analysis, where you'll observe real-life examples of successful RPO executions. Analyze the decision-making processes, identify key factors that led to success, and learn from both positive and negative outcomes. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the top 10 RPO concepts, allowing you to implement them effectively in your coaching or playing strategy. 



1 Introduction to Top 10 RPO's 3:18
2x2 Wing: Power BS Glance
2 Concept #1: Rules & Responsibilities 6:03 3 Concept #1: In Game Example 7:31 4 Concept #1: Playbook Sheet 5 Concept #1: All-22 0:38
3x1 Ace: IZ Read Bypass TE Corner Pop
6 Concept #2: Rules & Responsibilities 5:05 7 Concept #2: In Game Example 7:15 8 Concept #2: Playbook Sheet 9 Concept #2: All-22 0:42
3x1 Wing: GT Counter BS Fade
10 Concept #3: Rules & Responsibilities 3:51 11 Concept #3: In Game Example 5:00 12 Concept #3: Playbook Sheet 13 Concept #3: All-22 0:40
2x2 Wing: Widezone FS Glance
14 Concept #4: Rules & Responsibilities 4:23 15 Concept #4: In Game Example 8:20 16 Concept #4: Playbook Sheet 17 Concept #4: All-22 0:47
2x2 Open: Shovel FS Smash
18 Concept #5: Rules & Responsibilities 6:02 19 Concept #5: In Game Example 6:43 20 Concept #5: Playbook Sheet 21 Concept #5: All-22 0:38
3x1 Wing: Sameside IZ Swipe Hitches
22 Concept #6: Rules & Responsibilities 5:17 23 Concept #6: In Game Example 6:14 24 Concept #6: Playbook Sheet 25 Concept #6: All-22 0:38
2x2 Wing: Locked IZ FS Slot-Fade BS Pop
26 Concept #7: Rules & Responsibilities 4:08 27 Concept #7: In Game Example 4:50 28 Concept #7: Playbook Sheet 29 Concept #7: All-22 0:51
Split Backs: Midzone Read Slide
30 Concept #8: Rules & Responsibilities 4:35 31 Concept #8: In Game Example 4:35 32 Concept #8: Playbook Sheet 33 Concept #8: All-22 0:36
2x2 Wing: Capped IZ BS Slant
34 Concept #9: Rules & Responsibilities 5:40 35 Concept #9: In Game Example 7:25 36 Concept #9:Playbook Sheet 37 Concept #9: All-22 0:28
3x1 Heavy: GL Inside Zone BS Slant
38 Concept #10: Rules & Responsibilities 3:57 39 Concept #10: In Game Example 5:05 40 Concept #10: Playbook Sheet 41 Concept #10: All-22 0:37

The Coach

The RPO Nation was built by coaches for coaches. We want to give back to the community that has given us so much. RPO Nation is designed to spread knowledge and ideas. Our goal is to create courses that help coaches at all levels learn, understand, and then teach RPO Concepts and ideology. RPO's have evolved at a rapid pace and you are now seeing them at every level from youth to the NFL, teams are finding ways to put defender's into conflict. Create hesitation and doubt in the defender's minds. All courses are designed for instructional purposes and made in an effort to help our fellow coaches as much as we can.

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Rodney Harris

Great Course. Great Information.

Jul 26, 23 02:04 PM


Efficient and effective breakdown of schemes by RPO gurus Moorhead, Kiffin, and Riley.

Jul 31, 23 01:53 PM

Chad Moseman

Great Course

Aug 5, 23 11:26 AM

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