Tyler Roehl: Tight End Training for a More Dynamic Offense

by Tyler Roehl
Tyler Roehl: Tight End Training for a More Dynamic Offense


In this course, North Dakota State University's Offensive Coordinator and Tight End/Fullbcks Coach Tyler Roehl breaks down the schemes and techniques that are essential to being a successful tight end. Roehl looks at run blocking/essentials, gap drive (C-gap scheme), back side cut off, and pin/man (pin pull)  to help coaches and players of different levels understand what makes tight end play a key part of the offense.


1 Series Preview 0:48
Tight End Techniques Introduction
2 Tight End Techniques Introduction 1:26
Run Game Essentials and Run Blocking Fundamentals
3 Run Game Essentials and Run Blocking Fundamentals Introduction 4:47 4 Tight End Practice: Using PVC Pipe to Focus on Footwork 2:25 5 Tight End Practice: Body Position and Body Control 2:12 6 Tight End Practice: Working to a Defender 2:03 7 Tight End Practice: Getting out of the Stance 1:50 8 Tight End Practice: Using a Medicine Ball to Practice Blocking 2:01 9 Tight End Practice: Hitting a Moving Target 3:04 10 Tight End Practice: Competition Drills 13:56
Gap Drive (C-Gap Scheme)
11 Gap Drive (C-Gap Scheme) Introduction 1:06 12 Gap Drive Game Example: Backside Leg and Hand Position 0:48 13 Gap Drive Game Example: Tackle & Tight End Double Team 0:32 14 Gap Drive Game Example: Violence through Aim Point 0:44 15 Gap Drive Game Example: Block Your Gap First 0:25 16 Gap Drive Game Example: Run Hips and Knees Vertical 1:05 17 Gap Drive Game Example: Shift/Motion 0:38 18 Gap Drive Game Example: Moving North & Caving in Red Zone Line of Scrimmage 1:34 19 Gap Drive Game Example: Red Zone Blocking 1:12 20 Gap Drive Game Example: Lineman with an Eligible Number 0:52 21 Gap Drive Game Example: Importance of Eyes and Feet 1:15 22 Gap Drive Game Example: Shifting Before Snap 1:13
Back Side Cutoff
23 Back Side Cutoff Introduction 1:19 24 Back Side Cutoff Practice Plays 1:51 25 Back Side Cutoff Game Example: Cutting Off a 5 Technique 1:02 26 Back Side Cutoff Game Example: Staying Thick on the Block and Moving North 0:39
Pin/Man (Pin Pull)
27 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Introduction 1:17 28 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Play: Creating Separation 0:56 29 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Play: Giving Defense Hard Looks 0:40 30 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Example: Coming out of the Stance 0:49 31 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Example: Gain Ground and Put Pressure 1:18 32 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Example: Blocking the Secondary 0:26 33 Pin/Man (Pin Pull) Game Example: Attacking the Defensive Line of Scrimmage 0:44
Tight End Q&A
34 TE Question 1: How do you decide what drills to do based on opponent? 1:28 35 TE Question 2: How do you break up coaches for circuit training? 1:15 36 TE Question 3: What specific stations are in the TE training circuit? 1:30 37 TE Question 4: How do you coach keeping eyes on next level while blocking? 1:28

The Coach


Tyler Roehl

NDSU - Offensive Coordinator


Tyler Roehl is an American football coach and former running back. He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2009. He played college football for North Dakota State University. Roehl now serves as the Offensive Coordinator and Fullbacks/Tight Ends at his alma mater, North Dakota State University.

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Another great video by Coach Roehl. As high school coaches these are things we can use.

Jan 13, 21 10:38 AM

Stephen Danser

Coach Roehl did a tremendous job explaining the schemes and types of blocks that are used. He also does a great job of giving both practice and game film examples. He notes not just the great plays but even what he would change on certain plays. Recommend for anyone coaching Tight Ends.

Mar 18, 22 08:20 PM

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