Tyler Roehl: Training a Physical Fullback to Dominate the Run Game

by Tyler Roehl
Tyler Roehl: Training a Physical Fullback to Dominate the Run Game


In this course, North Dakota State University's Offensive Coordinator and Tight End/Fullbcks Coach Tyler Roehl breaks down the schemes and techniques that are essential to being a successful fullback. Roehl looks at kick out blocks, iso blocks and counter run schemes to help coaches and players of different levels understand what makes the fullback position a key part of the offense. 


Fullback Intro
1 Introduction to Fullback Play 1:31
Kick Out Blocks
2 Kick Out Block Introduction 3:00 3 Kickout Block: Practice Drills 6:15 4 Kickout Block Game Example: Planting Foot for Power 0:44 5 Kickout Block Game Example: Rising Blow on Block 0:27 6 Kickout Block Game Example: Same Foot, Same Shoulder 0:19 7 Kickout Block Game Example: Inside Out Path 0:50 8 Kickout Block Game Example: Pad Level 0:20 9 Kickout Block Game Example: Blocking to the Gap 0:41 10 Kickout Block Game Example: Inside Hand Violence 0:21 11 Kickout Block Game Example: J-Path Blocking 0:23 12 Kickout Block Game Example: Running Feet 0:25
Iso Blocks
13 Iso Block Introduction 1:25 14 Iso Block: Practice Drills 7:40 15 Iso Block Game Example: Isolating a Defender 0:13 16 Iso Block Game Example: Pad Level and Staying Square 0:26 17 Iso Block Game Example: Violent Through the Defender 0:20 18 Iso Block Game Example: Running Feet on Contact 0:25 19 Iso Block Game Example: Exceeding Pad Level 0:15
Counter Block (2nd Puller)
20 Counter Block Introduction 1:23 21 Counter Block: Practice Drills 0:23 22 Counter Block Game Example: Big Vision 1:03 23 Counter Block Game Example: Uncommon Knee Bend 0:45 24 Counter Block Game Example: Sprint Through Contact 0:28 25 Counter Block Game Example: Good Fit Blocking 0:36 26 Counter Block Game Example: Eyes Vertical to Outside 0:36
Q&A Section
27 Question: Use the same technique on cut back blocks as backside blocks? 0:15 28 Question: Go right, step right, hit right or use banana path footwork? 0:27 29 Question: How to work through a stalemate in the hole? 0:15 30 Question: What's goes into deciding whether a player is best at TE or FB? 1:45 31 Question: What techniques are used to stop a dominant defensive end? 1:01 32 Question: Are you committed to always blocking the C-gap? 0:26

The Coach


Tyler Roehl

NDSU - Offensive Coordinator


Tyler Roehl is an American football coach and former running back. He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2009. He played college football for North Dakota State University. Roehl now serves as the Offensive Coordinator and Fullbacks/Tight Ends at his alma mater, North Dakota State University. NDSU won the FCS National Championship in 2011-2015 and 2017-2019.  Roehl was a part of the coaching staff for all of the eight of the FCS championships.

Ratings and Reviews (7)


The fullback is coming back and if you are unfamiliar with how to coach them, this is a great resource. Coach Roehl is very clear with his teaching style. Again, great resource.

Jan 13, 21 10:39 AM

Avante Smith

Very informative and really helped me better understand coaching a new position

Aug 19, 21 08:27 AM

Avante Smith

Very informative and really helped me better understand coaching a new position

Aug 19, 21 08:27 AM

Michael Wigert

Helped with understanding the keys to running power from the RB/TE point of view. Also adding info that help with O-Line blocking.

Aug 24, 21 02:41 PM

Kyle Stout

Coach did a great job teaching the fundamentals of different blocks and the drills to teach them up. If you coach a TE/FB I recommend this clinic to get some good ideas for your everyday drills. Good points of emphasis to set your players up for success.

Feb 15, 22 06:33 AM

Mark Mika

Great breakdown, great visuals, great ties to film.

Jun 7, 23 03:57 PM

Ian Mendez

5 stars

Feb 9, 24 10:00 AM

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