Understanding Position Maintenance: In M.O.F. Closed Principles

by DanteBartee
Understanding Position Maintenance: In M.O.F. Closed Principles


Understanding Position Maintenance: In M.O.F. Closed Principles

Cover 1 and Cover 3 are making a comeback. These coverages, that fall under the umbrella of 1 High Safety, are trending and making a rise in order to stop both Spread and RPO offensive attacks. 

Points that will be covered in this course:

- Why 1 High Safety coverages are designed to better defense RPO's and Spread Offensive attacks

- Understanding Safety proper Safety alignment to take away the offensive seams

- Understanding Divider rules

- Identifying coverage areas

- Teaching precise alignment, leverage, and understanding of coverage assignments

- Maintaining proper trail position

- Understandind where the coverage help comes from

- Recognizing poor alignment and poor positioning

- Creating a Three Level defense to take away the offenses big plays

- Understanding proper coverage starts from the inside out

- Understand how the offense is attacking and how the defense utilizes counter measures.


1 1 INTRODUCING Dante by Coach Rich Hargitt 0:26 2 2 Dante Bartee Bio and Course Overview 1:39 3 3 Setting the Course up and why this is being produced by S2A 2:51
Section 1: Understanding Position Maintenance in M.O.F. Closed
4 4 Section 1: Understanding Position Maintenance in M.O.F. Closed 1:34 5 Diagram 1: The Seams of the Field: Where the M.O.F. Safety has to cover 3:03 6 Diagram 1: One High Safety Alignment 7 6 Q & A with Rich and Dante 4:18 8 7 Explanation of Diagram 2: Divider Rules 5:07 9 Diagram 2: Understanding where the Divider Rules are located on Field 10 8 Explanation of Diagram 3: Defining Pass Defense Areas 0:53 11 Diagram 3: Defining Pass Defense Areas
Section 2: Video Clips of Good and Bad Position Maintenance
12 9 Coach Bartee breaks down how often and why they played so much 1 High 8:25 13 10. Teaching Clip 1: Proper Position Maintenance 4:07 14 11. Teaching Clip 2: Proper Position Maintenance 4:51 15 12. Teaching Clip 3: Proper Position Maintenance 2:12 16 13. Teaching Clip 4: Proper Position Maintenance 2:04 17 14. Teaching Clip 5: Proper Position Maintenance 2:45 18 15. Teaching Clip 6: Proper Position Maintenance 3:03 19 16. Teaching Clip 7: Proper Position Maintenance 4:40 20 17. Teaching Clip 8: Proper Position Maintenance 1:42 21 18. Teaching Clip 9: Proper Position Maintenance 1:51 22 19. Teaching Clip 10: Proper Position Maintenance 2:23 23 20. Teaching Clip 11: Proper Position Maintenance 1:44 24 21. Teaching Clip 12: Proper Position Maintenance 1:37 25 22 Talking - Defending the Spread and RPO's 11:15 26 23 Conclusion 3:30

The Coach

Dante Bartee is a rising star in the football coaching profession. His expertise in defensive teaching methodologies are beginning to be noticed by his peers.

Dante joined the Upper Iowa University football staff for his first season in 2018-19 as an assistant coach. Bartee coaches the linebackers for the Peacocks.

Bartee comes to Fayette from Tempe, Arizona where he has coached at Perry High School in Gilbert for the last four years.

At Perry, Bartee began his coaching career early on. As a junior and senior, he helped the coaching staff with film analysis and scout teams. Beginning in 2014, Bartee was part of the coaching staff for the varsity team at Perry; he was 18. In Bartee's second season he was the co-defensive coordinator before taking the role on his own over the last two seasons.

While coaching with the Pumas, Bartee completed his Bachelors Degree in justice studies at Arizona State University in December 2017.

Ratings and Reviews (11)

Michael Kober

This clinic provides a great foundation for MOF principles. I have talked to Coach Bartee about these principles personally, and he told me exactly what you just heard. He is a great teacher and a star on the rise!

Apr 9, 19 05:12 PM

Eric Jones

Coach Bartee does an excellent job explaining the "why" behind 1-high coverage philosophy and divider principles. His rationale and teaching style are easy to understand. Anyone looking to improve their knowledge and pedagogy with Cover 3 Match and/or Cover 1 would do well to soak up Coach Bartee's knowledge.

Apr 10, 19 02:49 PM


Lots of great video clips to help understand position maintenance!

May 3, 19 07:13 AM

Rick Larrick

Great course for young and old coaches

Jun 30, 19 08:34 AM

Gideon Cavallo

Great course that teaches the important divider rules on covering the pass out of one high coverage's. It is very important to understand and will help your team play better one high coverage and defend the deep ball well. Also emphasizes the importance of teaching and that it can be done at any level as long as we understand the methodology and teach it well to players.

Jul 11, 19 06:39 PM

Péter Hanó

Coaches, This is the best course on the net, to learn about MOF closed principles.

Aug 12, 19 02:12 PM

Fred Ricci

I thought it was simple and effective way to remind us about the dividers and how they correlate to proper alignments. Maintaining good leverage in accordance with your help in an important aspect with any coverage. I think some coaches are afraid of the outside trial position but Coach does a good job of explaining where it could be an asset.

Nov 5, 19 10:55 AM

Matthew Carden


Nov 27, 19 10:23 PM


In order to run 1 high coverage you have to understand dividers and position maintenance. It doesn't matter if you are a man match or zone match team, this video explains the foundations of 1 high coverage.

Feb 10, 20 04:38 PM

Bobby Sharp

Another outstanding video by Coach Bartee. I have studied Coach Saban's clinic while he was at Michigan State and this video really clears a lot of things up . This is a three tape series that is a must for 3 deep MOF coverage. Awesome!!

May 1, 20 08:55 PM

Wesley Eddy

Good work - would have liked more whiteboard with the game film.

Dec 26, 20 07:18 AM

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