How to End Wrist Pain

by Perfect 10.0 PT
How to End Wrist Pain


Wrist pain can derail your workout!

70% of gymnast complain of wrist pain at some point in their career.  Many wear wrist braces that may minimize symptoms briefly but never address the true pain. Addressing the true cause of the symptoms is key.

***   Do you have wrist pain?   ***   Do you have weak wrist?   ***   Do want to learn to do a handstand but your wrist keep you from doing one?   ***   Do you have pain when you hang or do chin ups?   ***

If so, this video is for you!

Wrist pain can be so painful it prevents athletes from putting weight through their upper body and even hanging activities, limiting activities like pushups, handstands, tumbling, pull-ups, chin-ups, and swing events.  It can become very frustrating to train around or with wrist pain.

Strength and flexibility in the wrist is often overlooked when it comes to training gymnast, cheerleaders, dancers, Acro, and circus athletes. One of the most common complaints is wrist pain in these sports especially in gymnastics and cheer, so common that athletes believe it’s normal or coaches and even pediatricians will say “they’ll grow out of it, here’s a wrist brace”.... ❌❌❌🛑

Wrist in gymnastics, cheer, Acro and circus sports are used like feet in runners and like monkeys hanging from trees. They must be prepared with appropriate flexibility, strength, neuromuscular control, and loading mechanic training to sustain high loads required from 5x the body weight on pommels and back handsprings to 10-17x the body weight with running tumbling, not to mention the distraction loads with hanging and the addition of forces with swinging up to 10x the body weight.

In this video you will learn:

  • Wrist stretching techniques to improve your flexibility
  • Weighted dynamic exercises to improve the proprioception of the wrist and hand for weight-bearing and control
  • Strength exercise to improve the strength and control of the wrist

Great for alleviating and preventing wrist pain.  A strong flexible wrist is imperative for gymnastics and any other activity requiring weight bearing of the wrist or gripping with the hands!


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Perfect 10.0 PT

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Brandi Smith, PT, FAAOMPT, OCS
Owner & Physical Therapist at Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy & Performance Training

Brandi is a biomechanics, functional, and sport movement specialist. 
Brandi is changing the culture of gymnastics by giving coaches direction, athletes a voice, medical providers insight, and parents a choice. Creating a world of people full of dedication, desire, determination, perseverance, strength, inner will, physical abilities, health, wellness, awareness of their body and emotions, inner confidence and courage to speak up for themselves.
*  USA Gymnastics Sports Science Educator and Medical Provider
*  Two Time USAG Collegiate National Champion gymnast for Texas Woman's University 
*  B.S. in Kinesiology at Texas Women's University
*  M.S. in Physical Therapy at Texas State University 
*  Fellowship trained orthopedic manual physical therapist 
*  Board certified orthopedic specialist
*  Founder of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy & Performance Training since 2008
*  Medical director at USA Gymnastics National Congress since 2012

*  Lecturer:     Gymnastics association of Texas since 2008 
                       Michigan State Congress since 2018
                       Wisconsin State Gymnastics Education since 2018
                       National Congress since 2011 
                       Regional Congress: Region 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 since 2013

*  Medical staff for P&G National Championships in 2017  

*  Clinical Expert Contributor - United States Elite Coaching Association Journal since 2015.  
Internationally Published: Examination and Physical Therapy Management of a Young Gymnast with Bilateral Wrist Pain: A Case Report. - Physical Therapy in Sport September 2017 volume 27 

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