Patti Komara's Tumblebear Gymnastics Program

One of the most knowledgeable and enthused gymnastics coaches of our time. Patti Komara explains in detail how to accomplish basic to difficult tumbles of the sport to youth.

Back Handspring Drills/Back Handspring Clinic - #128
1 Prerequisites of a Back Handspring 00:56
2 Drills for a Back Handspring 03:25
Fun & Unique Trampoline Skills for Kids - #130
3 Frosty the Snowman, Popcorn, Sizzling Bacon on the Trampoline 02:07
Activities & Skills for the TumblTrak - #136
4 Back Tuck Drills of the Tumbl Trak 00:33
5 Back Handspring Drills on the Tumbl Trak 01:05
Teaching Aerial Cartwheel - #137
6 Spotting and Teaching Aerial Cartwheels 00:40
7 Kicking Under an Aerial Cartwheel 00:34
Teaching Beam to School-Age Students - #139
8 Beginner Walks Down Beam 01:44
Teaching Tumbling to School-Age Students - #140
9 Handstand Snapdown and Splits Technique 02:02
School-Age Stations and Drills - #172
10 Dive Rolls and Precision Jumps 01:50
11 Back Bend Kickover 00:40
12 Cartwheel Down Incline 01:00
13 Cartwheel Drill 01:00
14 Headstand Against Octagon 02:10
15 Swivel Hips on Trampoline 01:00
How to Teach a Cartwheel - #182
16 Blockbuster: Cartwheel on Colors 01:36
17 French Fry Cartwheel Kick 00:14
18 Cartwheel Over Half Donut 01:03
Teaching & Spotting Preschool Tumbling - #208
19 Preschool Tumbling - Don't Do the Same Thing 01:56
20 How to Spot a Cartwheel 00:54
21 Cartwheel Poem and How to Do a Cartwheel 01:48
Fast Track Preschool Bars - #502
22 Ice Cream Scoop and Woodpecker Drills on Bars 01:25
23 Preschool Drills for Back Hip Pullover 01:17
24 Ladder and Mountain Safety on Bars 02:12
25 The Answer to a 2-Year-Olds Fear of Bars 01:48

PattiKomara Patti Komara Coach & Founder of Tumblebear Connection

You may know Patti, who has been a speaker for the industry since 1981. (Whew—she IS old!) You may know her from the sale of her Tumblebear training DVDs, lesson plans, or business videos and books she’s produced since 1986. Or—you may be one of the 7000 gymnastics enthusiasts who subscribes to her “In the Loop” monthly e-newsletter.

Patti was in high school when she opened her acrobatic studio in Dyer, Indiana in 1969. Since then Patti’s All-American has grown to be one of the premier gym schools offering more than just gymnastics. PAA has been named “Best of the Region Gymnastics School” by their local newspaper every year since its inception in 1994. She loves being the center of attention, so she has hosted over a 100 training workshops and produced more than 120 instructional videos. She has written books on yearly lesson plans for the internationally known Tumblebear Gym Program, School-age Gymnastics, Dancing GymBears, YogaBears, CheerBears, Gym-N-Learn, and her very successful Swim Program. Her programs are sold across the USA as well as in more than 40 countries. Patti co-authored the original USA Gymnastics preschool KAT certification program. She also has worked for USA Gymnastics Task Force and is a member of their Business Advisory Team. Patti is a two-time winner of the USA Gymnastics "Business Leader of the Year Award” in 2003 and 2014. 

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