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Lee Hayward is a muscle building coach who is committed to helping aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts gain muscle, burn body fat, and develop a strong muscular body. Inspired by Schwarzenegger in the Conan movies, Lee Hayward decided to get “huge”. He was 12 years old at the time. The number of 12 yr. olds who have had similar aspirations likely reaches well into the tens of millions. What sets Lee apart from all the others is that his goal wasn’t a fleeting one, it took root. Advancing from a before-school push-up program, to a York dumbbell set and on to gym training, Lee worked diligently towards his goal. At the age of 17, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition. For the past 18 years he has continued to train and compete.

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Jackie Kelly
Jackie Kelly

Really good ideas. Aimed more for men but I was able to tweak the exercises to suit me/women.
Feb 1, 16 08:53 PM