Warm up & Stretching exercises - Individual tasks for PE (+printable cards)

by Prime Coaching Sport
Warm up & Stretching exercises - Individual tasks for PE (+printable cards)


• 41 individual warming up & stretching printable task cards for elementary PE (+ videos)

This Warming up & Stretching task cards pack is a fantastic foundational resource to be equipped with, and contains a collection of high-quality task card files with exclusive video demonstrations. You'll be able to confidently and safely lead your class through various warm up and stretching exercises - the warm ups are used to begin your lessons, and stretching to finish...

1. 41 colourful, educational PE activity cards

› Simply print out (and laminate) the cards (A4 or A5), and pick & choose 3-4 different tasks to do each lesson. They can also be printed larger as sports hall posters, or used for reference straight from your iPad/tablet. Each card has uniquely drawn illustrations with clear teaching instructions.

You'll be prepped with:


• 25 warm up tasks - to start off your lessons and get your kids ready for sport.

There are 2 types of warm up tasks and can either be done as ‘reps’ (repetitions), or for about 30s each task:
1: On the spot › Perform the movements individually in your own space
2: End-to-end › Working from one side of the sports hall/field, going to the other side and then back.


• 16 stretching exercises - to use at the end of your sessions to improve flexibility, increase strength, and help to prevent injury to your muscles.

Stretches can be held for 10-15s and repeated 2-3 times.


2. Online video demonstration support

You'll be given access to instructional videos for each task. You can watch the videos with your students to help them see exactly how to perform the exercise safely and effectively, it's they're an incredibly helpful reference tool. 


One idea is have a student pick and choose 2-3 warm ups and 2-3 stretches, have them watch the corresponding videos, and then teach and demonstrate them to the rest of the class.


Teaching reference tool for life

National physical education standards:

Standard 3: The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.


I know you'll love these task cards as they're such a practical resource tool for any elementary or high school teacher, and I'm always striving to give you more than just the resource itself – You won’t find other warm up and stretching cards complete with supporting videos. I aim to provide you with professional sports-coach level resources that are so easy to teach and implement at your school as a teacher.


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