Reaching Your Ultimate Hockey Goals: 4 Steps

by Jeff Kolcon
Reaching Your Ultimate Hockey Goals: 4 Steps


Reaching the higher levels of junior and college hockey seem so effortless for some people. For many, it is confusing and frustrating.


What tryout should I attend?

What should I be doing in the spring and summer?

How do I get noticed?


This course will help you define your path and kickstart your hockey goals. 
Together, we will identify four key strategies to both clarify your hockey direction and make the entire process easier for both players and thier families. 


The Coach

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Kolcon

Educator, Level 5 Master Certified Coach, Hockey Professional

In a world ready to tell you that you can not succeed and reach your hockey dreams, I work with players and families to prove that you can succeed and you can play junior hockey and college hockey. I have drawn upon 35 years of experience in the hockey industry to build solid educational building blocks. As a level 5 Master Certified Coach through USA Hockey, I have coached at the college level, the junior level, as well as high school and youth. I spent years as a junior hockey team owner and General Manager for several different teams. For over a decade, I led a large not for profit youth hockey organization as President. My business pursuits included owning and operating two separate award winning Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training Centers, and a hockey skills company that employed 40 instructors in two states.

Speaker, Hockey Radio Show Host, Author

Along the way I have been featured as a speaker at many USA Hockey symposiums and coaching clinics. I created and hosted a syndicated hockey radio show featured several times in the USA Hockey Magazine. For years, I served as Editor at Large for a hockey publication which featured my monthly column.

During my years in the industry, I have worked with thousands of hockey players. I have seen incredibly talented players fail, and less talented but more dedicated players rise to unexpected success. I have also seen families confused over how to guide and support their player in the face of confusing information and advice. I have seen families spend incredible amounts of money on products or services or camps or teams that are a poor fit for their player, or perhaps, simply making the right choice at the wrong time. I discovered that I have the unique opportunity to organize and share my knowledge and resources to help players avoid costly, but all too common, mistakes.


United States Marine

I was very fortunate to earn the title of United States Marine. I was honored to Captain the “All Marine Hockey Team for 3 seasons. It was the ride of my life. But when the dust settled and it was time to move on, I found that key leadership traits were embedded in me for life. Traits like Judgment, Initiative, Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Decisiveness. I apply these traits in each and every product I develop.

Founder, Communicator, Educator


Education is important to me and my family. My undergraduate degree was earned at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I continued my education to include a Masters in Business Administration and a second Masters in Secondary Education along with 2 years of doctoral work in education at the University of Rochester.

The bottom line is, at the heart of it, I am an educator. My role is to provide the tools for you to build a solid educational framework. If you have more knowledge, you will be able to make better quality decisions that will save you from costly heartache and mistakes. Welcome to Junior Hockey Advisor.

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