The 59 Laws of Goaltending

The world of goaltending has evolved more in the past dozen years than the previous hundred years. New techniques and an attention to detail are so important to the modern day goalie. Skill development is absolutely critical to any goaltender. Many of the top goalie coaches and trainers share their drills and lessons on the Internet and social media sites - take full advantage of this! New equipment and training innovations surface everyday. Visualization and mental training are now a key part of a goaltenders development plan. Use all the resources that are available to you. 

All this being said, don’t underestimate the power of the nostalgia that goes along with playing in goal. We have our own culture rooted deep within the game of hockey. Courage, will, persistence and determination are the most important qualities that a goalie will ever have.

There are nine channels of brain-based goaltending - these areas are covered in this book. The more areas you incorporate into your practice the better you will become.

1 The 59 Laws of Goaltending 10:12

Barry709 Barry Smith

Barry Smith has been around the game of hockey for almost 40 years as a player, coach and volunteer.

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