Lacrosse Practice Plan 2

This course includes a complete 90 minute practice routine for Lacrosse. Watch step-by-step tutorials on how each drill works and print out the downloadable practice plan for faster reference!

BoxLacrosse BoxLacrosse

About the Sting Box

Our core belief is that Field Lacrosse is Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse is Box Lacrosse.  If you want to get good at Box Lacrosse than play Box Lacrosse, if you want to be good at Field, play Field - but don't assume because you are good at one - you are good at the other. 

Additionally, we are not here to showcase (college recruiting) your son - we are here to teach them to love the game of Box Lacrosse, develop some skills along the way, let them have fun and have them beg you to let them play again next year.  If that is accomplished - then The Sting has been successful.   

A bit about the game: 

Box Lacrosse is played in a thawed out hockey rink, with 5 players plus a goalie in the Box at once, with a 30 second shot clock and goalies who covered in pads protecting a tiny 4' by 4' net. Do you have what it takes to play in the Box?!

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