The Rules of Lacrosse

In this instructional coaching course, Wes Armstrong & Shayne White utilize their more than 20 years of combined Lacrosse officiating experience to provide coaches with a comprehensive guide on how the game of Lacrosse is supposed to be played. The 16 unique teaching videos in this program cover everything from hand signals to crease violations. 

Whether you're a volunteer, new coach or just simply interested in the game of Lacrosse; all you need to know can be found right here!

WesArmstrong Wes Armstrong Lacrosse official

About Wes Armstrong:
Wes Armstrong has been a lacrosse official on the college, high school and recreational levels for more than 20 years. He also officiates softball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

About Shayne White:
Shayne White is a lacrosse official in New Jersey. He is accustomed to instructing youth lacrosse players on the rules of the sport. White also has officiated high school and college basketball.

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