S.L.A.P. BJJ – Blue To Purple Belt

by Darin Reisler
S.L.A.P. BJJ – Blue To Purple Belt


Over 100 videos. Created on the mat, refined through competition, and structured with the student in mind.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a VERY interesting martial arts discipline. Learning it… can also be interesting (and highly frustrating). The learning often jumps around quite a lot. As such, finding structure can be difficult. I like to make the analogy that the different martial arts styles are like 10,000 piece puzzles. Each puzzle creates a different picture. When you train in Kung-Fu, you tend to get puzzle piece number one on your first day. On your second day, you get puzzle piece number two, and so on. The same holds true for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Jujutsu, Aikido, and most of the other martial arts. However, with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you are likely to get puzzle piece number one on your first day, puzzle piece number forty-eight on your second day, and puzzle piece number eight hundred fourteen on your third day. This is why the Structured Learning Advancement Program (SLAP) for BJJ was created.

SLAP BJJ provides the student with an unparalleled level of structure and guides him or her through the learning process in a step-by-step fashion. I was thirty years old when I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and, as a traditional martial artist with black belts in several different styles, I knew what structured learning should look like. (I’ve also worked as coordinator of a college program for aspiring law enforcement professionals, and piecing together primary and secondary competency areas as they relate to learning was something I knew how to do.)

So, with a background in the martial arts and higher education, I began my BJJ training as a white belt in the system. I took copious notes during every step of the journey from white belt to black belt… for TEN YEARS! Then, I structured those notes. That’s where this curriculum comes from. Now, as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this curriculum is the compilation of everything that I had to learn at each belt level prior to advancement, and it’s the curriculum that I teach to my students. It’s notable that, prior to being given rank advancement in BJJ, I had won first place at each belt level in various tournaments before I was promoted to the next belt level.


As an International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) certified black belt instructor, my rank has been tournament tested at every level from white belt onward, and, as a black belt, I continue to compete at the local, national, and world levels. Overall, this course aims to provide a level of structure that is rarely seen in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It aims to help the student progress through primary and secondary competencies along the path to continued educational success.

BJJ has three basic components: positions, transitions, and submissions. This curriculum guides the student through those areas in an articulate fashion that helps to heighten the student’s ability to retain and utilize what is taught. Let me be straight; there is no substitute for mat time! You must have it, and you need quality instruction (preferably from an academy that is IBJJF approved, like mine is). With that said, the online instructional videos that compose this curriculum can help you, no matter your belt rank, to understand and advance your knowledge.

The requirements in BJJ are very strict, and it usually takes about ten years to go from white belt to black belt. (There are over 100 techniques in the white to blue belt curriculum, alone! These techniques are listed and you can learn them in order, or you can watch individual videos ahead or behind of the suggested order.) Every student who purchases access to the online instructional videos can download a copy of the curriculum for the belt level purchased. You can also purchase the textbooks that go along with the curriculum, Move-A-Day BJJ: A Daily Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Desktop Reference, and Brazilian Jiu-JItsu: Surviving the Journey to Black Belt in either e-book or hard copy format.

My desire is to give you the ultimate experience in structured learning for BJJ.


1 Disclaimer 0:36
Blue Belt to Purple Belt Curriculum
2 Lapel Over Cross Choke from Guard 1:40 3 Same Side Lapel to Cross Choke from Guard 1:21 4 Double Lapel Choke from Back Control 1:44 5 Arm Triangle from Guard 1:24 6 Anaconda Choke 1:43 7 Loop Choke from Guard 1:32 8 North South to Arm Bar 2:21 9 Crucifix Start to Arm Bar 2:16 10 Arm Bar from Seated Back Control 1:39 11 Rolling Arm Bar from Back Control 2:02 12 Arm Bar Defense to Arm Bar 1:31 13 Cross Step to Knee On Belly 1:33 14 Cross Ankle Pick from Knees 1:10 15 Cross Ankle Pick from Standing 1:20 16 Inside Knee Takedown from Standing 2:15 17 Circling Cross Ankle Pick Takedown 1:22 18 Lapel Grip Fireman Carry Takedown 1:41 19 Ippon Seo Nagi 1:49
1-Stripe Blue Belt to 2-Stripe Blue Belt
20 Ferrari Guard Pass 2:21 21 Outside Knee Guard Pass 1:46 22 Switch Base Half Guard Pass 1:40 23 Knee Slide Guard Pass 1:26 24 Knee Inside Switch Base Guard Pass 2:22 25 Lapel Grip Ferrari Guard Pass 1:50 26 Chim Chim Guard Pass 2:42 27 O Goshi 1:42 28 O Soto Gari From Knees 1:08 29 O Soto Gari 1:37 30 Jumping Guard 1:50 31 Cross Choke from Mount Defense 1 1:27 32 Cross Choke from Mount Defense 2 1:49 33 Cross Choke Defense from Guard 1 2:33 34 Cross Choke Defense from Guard 2 2:30 35 Butterfly Guard Sweep Defense 2:46 36 Arm Drag to Back from Guard 1:17 37 Leg Cross Escape from Mount 2:22 38 Knee On Belly Escape to Half Guard 2:23
2-Stripe Blue Belt to 3-Stripe Blue Belt
39 Knee on Belly Escape to the Knees 1:55 40 Escape from Kesa Gatame to the Back 2:00 41 Kesa Gatame Escape to Arm Bar 1:43 42 Switch Base Side Control Escape 1:27 43 Hip Swivel Escape from North South 2:01 44 Reverse Scissor Sweep 1:25 45 Windmill Sweep from Guard 1:32 46 Ankle Sweep from Bottom Half Guard Sweep 2:21 47 Reverse Half Butterfly Sweep 1:31 48 Elevator Sweep from Butterfly Guard 2:05 49 Elevator Sweep to Arm Bar from Butterfly Guard 1:47 50 Helicopter Sweep Part 1 1:45 51 Helicopter Sweep Part 2 1:16 52 Arms Trapped Windmill Guard Sweep 1:51 53 Half Guard to Chicken Wing Lapel Control 1:24 54 Single Wing Choke 1:42 55 Ezekiel Choke 1:17 56 Crucifix Position 1:48 57 Rolling Collar Choke from Crucifix Position 1:26 58 Rolling Arm Bar from Crucifix Position 1:21 59 Rolling Lapel Choke from Turtle 1:47 60 Rolling Lapel Choke 2 from Turtle 1:22
3-Stripe Blue Belt to 4-Stripe Blue Belt
61 Bottom Side Control to Far Side Arm Bar 1:12 62 Bottom Side Control to Near Side Arm Bar 0:45 63 Near Side Arm Bar from Side Control Top 1:37 64 Arm Bar to Triangle from Mount 1:08 65 Defeating the Arm Bar Grip Defense from Mount 2:16 66 Defeating the Arm Bar Grip Defense from Mount 2 1:49 67 Straight Ankle Lock from Defended Scissor Sweep 1:25 68 Heel Hook from Top 2:32 69 Heel Hook from Bottom 0:59 70 Standing Straight Ankle Lock 1:17 71 Ankle Lock When in Back Control 1:02 72 Knee Bar from Guard 1:14 73 Knee Through Knee Bar from Side Control 1:49 74 Rollover Knee Bar from Kesa Gatame 1:36 75 Knee Bar From Open Guard Bottom 1:48 76 Chicken Wing Control to Americana 1:09 77 Omo Plata as a Counter to Single Leg Takedown 1:05 78 Kimura Defense to Omo Plata 0:59 79 Rolling Kimura from Half Guard 1:10 80 Americana from Inside Guard 0:57
4-Stripe Blue Belt to Purple Belt
81 4 Stripe Blue Belt to Purple Belt 0:46
82 Self Defense Scenario: The Choke 1:54 83 Self Defense Scenario: Abduction 2:14

The Coach


Darin Reisler

Owner/Head Instructor at Plus One Defense Systems


Darin has been recognized as a “Soke,” “Sensei,” “Sifu,” “Kru,” and “Professor” throughout his coaching years. In addition to publishing two books, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Surviving the Journey to Black Belt and Move-A-Day BJJ : A Daily Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Desktop Reference, Darin was also on the Advisory Counsel for the Style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu- United Martial Arts Alliance in 2014. He was deemed Martial Arts Health & Fitness Association Hall of Fame Induction- Soke of the Year in 2009 and Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Honors Induction as a Master Instructor. In 2006, he was a US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction and was awarded United Martial Arts Alliance Instructor of the Year in 2005. 

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