Wim Demeere's Martial Arts Techniques

by Wim Demeere
Wim Demeere's Martial Arts Techniques


Learn some basic martial arts techniques from Wil Demeere, martial arts pro.


The Coach


Wim Demeere

Martial Arts Instructor


Wim Demeere started working as a personal trainer in 1994 when this profession was still rare in his native country of Belgium. His passion for teaching and helping people improve the quality of their lives has made him a much sought after trainer both at home and across the globe. Over the years he passed on his knowledge to a wide variety of clients: CEOs of global companies, world-class athletes, best-selling authors and many different clients of all ages. Regardless of their background, his objective is always to help them achieve their goals of martial skill, athletic performance and perfect health.

In 2002 he began collaborating on several projects with his friend and mentor Mr. Loren W. Christensen. He co-wrote three books with Mr. Christensen, with several more in progress, and has written numerous articles for books and magazines. In June 2006 he completed a video shoot at Paladin Press for a series of instructional tapes and DVDs titled “Combat Sanshou.” Since then he has gone on to release more instructional material.

Martial arts background:
Wim Demeere started his training in the martial arts at age 14 with the study of judo and ju jitsu with Mr. Roland Blanchaert. After a short while he switched to a traditional Chinese style called Hung Chia Pai with Mr. Jean-Louis Gonsette, a pioneer of Chinese martial arts in Europe. Mr. Gonsette’s classes were physically and mentally challenging, which inspired him to train hard both during and outside of the classes. This brutal and effective style ignited his passion for the martial arts and he began a lifelong journey of study and training.

At age 18 he began competing in full contact tournaments and specialized in Chinese free fighting competitions called “sanda.” After obtaining his first national title he moved on to the international scene and participated in several European and World championships. Throughout his career he became the Belgian national champion four times and held the bronze medal at the 1993 Wushu world championships in Malaysia. He retired from full-contact competitions in 2000 when he became national trainer for the sanda team of the Belgian Wushu Federation.

In 1997 he started his study of Practical Tai Chi Chuan with Mr. Patrick Couder and continues to do so to this day. This internal martial art complimented his experience in the external styles and became an important part of his training. Throughout the years he has studied a broad range of other fighting styles, including muay Thai, kali, pentjak silat and shoot fighting. He continues to practice and research martial arts daily in Belgium and across the globe.

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