Module 3: Art of Competing

by David Sammel
Module 3: Art of Competing


Part 1 

The backbone

Knowing how to compete is the backbone for every athlete. 

The fundamentals that you learn here will not only give you the confidence but the competence to compete. 

Whilst no module alone is the answer this one is highly essential and cannot be ignored.

This module guides you through the essence of mental toughness. 

After this module, you will be 100% clear on how to compete with a tough and healthy mind. You will be amazed at how enjoyable this can be!

Short: Learn ‘The art of competing’, the essence of succeeding as an athlete.

As I said at the start of the program there is a logical story to the way the course has been laid out. Part one of the Art of Competing is more about the preparation and laying the foundation for how you will compete. It is natural for a competitor to want to build his or her mental toughness. This module starts with building your mental toughness and then goes onto the tools you need in order to implement your knowledge.

Fear is a natural component of human beings, and of every competitor, so once an athlete is mentally tougher we needed to tackle the fears that often interfere with toughness. Mindset College shows you how to recalibrate fears into manageable boxes. It is a unique way of looking at fear and very effective. Having helped athletes overcome fears, often results did not match the progress until I realized that there was a problem of fears from the past resurfacing. Only when the athlete understood and dealt with this residue did the mindset change and athletes began to fly. 

Once an athlete has fears and doubts under control they can begin the process of building locker room power.


Part 2 

is more about the mindset once you are already in the battle. Mental toughness has two parts, the first being ready to compete, preparing your mind for the fight ahead. 

The second is understanding how it feels in the face of fierce competition and how to deal with how the body and mind react when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. 

Mindset College builds from the understanding of the three problem machines under pressure then to know what it feels like when fighting for your competitive life. The analogy I use is drowning because there are times when you are fighting when it literally feels like you have to find a way to stop yourself from drowning. Physically, athletes need to know how to suffer and keep going even as their bodies are screaming for them to quit. This is called sweet suffering because overcoming adversity whilst in the intense cauldron of the match is incredibly rewarding. 

When an athlete is under huge pressure, drowning mentally and suffering physically he or she has to find a way to still think logically and keep some perspective which imagines a light at the end of the tunnel which means no matter how difficult, there is the knowledge that this pain is temporary and the mind will hang in and still be figuring out ways to win. 

This ability to remain calm and think about processes without overthinking consequences and results, when tested mentally and physically and close to their limits, is the essence of a champion mindset......and it can be learned.


The Coach

David Sammel is a respected and successful coach. A leader who possesses both vision and charisma, he has coached several high-performance individuals and teams, delivering tangible results. 

A tennis coach of thirty years he has coached dozens of players to represent their countries in International team competitions and the Olympics. His holistic approach has led to specialist knowledge in advising coaches, college and pro-teams negotiate the difficult road from junior to college to the pinnacle of the pro’s. All this expertise is captured in his new online programs, Mindset College. These are the best courses on mental skills to help coaches affordably create a winning environment. 

Mindset College programs are not an instead of for coaches but rather an as well as approach, helping coaches add to and refine skills to deliver effective messages. 

David’s key ability is taking great research and translating this into easily understandable tools that guarantee improvements in the mind. Apart from his vast experience he is still an active coach on tour. Coaches come to him because they need help with their own mindset seeking honest answers and tools to help athletes in and out of competition. They trust his answers…...based on years of International Junior and Tour experience. The journey to winning at high levels has growing mental strength needs and David helps coaches with the different obstacles and stresses as they arise which allows coaches to tackle them with great confidence, instilling a Champion Mindset. The huge advantage is the effects are immediate and create instant optimism for the future. 

“The cost of engaging with Mindset College is drastically lower than the cost of going it alone, wasting time, effort and money when Mindset College can shortcut the entire process for you.”


Creator of Mindset College Online programs and author of several books including the bestselling “Locker Room Power”, David Sammel helps people become mentally strong and healthy for competition. 

He has recently contributed to two leadership books that are also #1 bestsellers, Fit for Purpose Leadership Volumes 1 & 2.

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