Build a powerful EQ mindset

by Mike Nichols
Build a powerful EQ mindset


You are a human before an athlete.

This course guides you through a journey of self-reflection and insights aimed to help you truly understand how you can unlock your true potential.

As a mental performance coach, these are the principles and strategies I use with professional athletes to help them overcome their challenges

You will learn to:

Understand how to set expectations

Why you need to identify your core values

How to think like a winner

and much more...

Here are what players are saying about the program:-

“I’ve tried sports psychologists, read over 15 self-improvement books, I’m constantly trying to understand my mind and the minds of those that are successful, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned from working with Mike is that my biggest asset is myself and I can tap into that without any special tactics or interventions when I let go of the habits and social constructs I’ve aligned myself with. My wellbeing is 100% better” - Pro basketball player and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

“Wow! I’ve never experienced coaching like this before! Mostly in books I’ve read they give you techniques like visualisation, positive self-talk and body language etc which I find useful, but in this program I actually get to know who I am and what I stand for: I’ve started to realise what are the things that distract me, and the people who negatively influence me. I’ve actually learned to be aware of my thoughts“ - Pro football player

“I expected a better personal performance but nothing this drastic! This is the first time in my 10-plus-year career I’ve scored 20 points and not missed a single shot.” - Pro basketball player

“I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed. “I won my first ever MVP!” - Semi-pro soccer player


This Course Includes

24 hours on-demand video
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