Running effective indoor practices

In this course, coaches will gain insight on how to run indoor practices in an effective and efficient manner. While being outside on the field is the most ideal place for practice, there are many skills that can be developed and mastered indoors. Coaches will learn how to combine many softball fundamentals into one practice session. Students will view four different indoor practice designs and will get a close look at drills used in collegiate practices on a daily basis. 

1 Indoor Practice Design #1

HeatherStanfill HeatherStanfill

Coach Heather Stanfill has 11 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level under her belt at both the NCAA D1 and NAIA level. After taking over a last place team in the conference in 2009, Coach Stanfill has led the Bulldogs at Cumberland University to the conference championship game the last 2 seasons, competing at the NAIA national tournament in 2013. 

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