Teach Yourself to Swim - Series Overview

by Dr. Pete Andersen
Teach Yourself to Swim - Series Overview


    Teach Yourself (or Your Kids) to Swim is a series of 14 brief courses.  I use a new system of easy-to-master one-minute steps you can easily teach yourself or others to do.  But you must follow my sequence and master each small step before moving on to learn the next step.  All my content is based on physics and psychology of learning principles that are proven to get you faster longer-lasting results.  This is "THE NEW SCIENCE OF SWIMMING INSTRUCTION."  The benefit is you can download the courses to your tablet and take to the pool to learn the entire series for all the strokes plus valuable knowledge of water safety in unfamiliar places most lesson programs do not take time to teach you. The first of 14 courses will be TEACH YOURSELF (OR YOUR KIDS) TO SWIM AT HOME WITHOUT A POOL. I am your instructor with 55 plus years of teaching experience and the only instructor with a Ph.D. in psychology of learning principles.  The physics principles I learned as a 5-time All-American coached by the legend, Doc Counsilman who was our U.S. Men's Olympic Team coach in 1964 and 1976 and who also coached Mark Spitz while earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physical Education to know teaching methods. I also hold Masters Swimming World and National Records in my age group and have 21 Gold Medals in Senior Olympic Summer Games National Championships to practice what I preach.  In addition, I have coached All-American collegiate women and high school boys and large age-group swim teams. What's most important is I demonstrate and teach you the correct visual, verbal, and kinesthetic (feeling the water pressure) cues that are guaranteed to get you fast results.  If you're a parent and don't feel comfortable teaching your children, then let me teach them with my valuable and affordable courses on your TV or tablet to do this for you when your time is limited but you still want to protect your family. You all get to learn at your own pace and not pay for practice time or repeated lessons you can forget.  You can review lessons in my system anytime as a one-time investment resource.  I guarantee you and your kids will learn more from me in one hour than taking lessons from any other instructor - OR you call me and I will refund your money. For the first time I am sharing all my teaching methods, cues, tips, and secrets I've learned over the past 55 years!  And you can learn all that and more from me in only a few hours of your time.  The rewards are huge!!!!  Learning to swim is the only sport that has the potential to save your life.   My course on Teach Yourself To Swim - Water Safety in Unfamiliar Places teaches you what risks to avoid even when you are a great swimmer.  You see water is a lot of fun but its power is immense in wave actions and currents; and very unforgiving in only a few minutes.  Marine life is to be respected.  You are in their space and must know what to expect such as alligators in Florida and Gulf Coast states, or sting rays and sharks near ocean beaches. Here are a few of the planned course titles:

  1. Start Leaning to Swim at Home Without a Pool
  2. Ten Best Steps Teaching Yourself To Swim Safely and Efficiently
  3. Floating Relaxed
  4. Freestyle with Breathing
  5. Using Your Own Feedback
  6. Using Six New Teaching Methods
  7. Backstroke the Easy Way
  8. Water Safety Concerns in Other Environments
  9. In Deep Water Without Fear
  10. Shallow to Deep Water Progression
  11. Elementary Backstroke for Safety
  12. Breaststroke the Easy Way
  13. Advanced Workout Skills


The Coach


Dr. Pete Andersen

World's Best Swimming Instructor


Ph.D. in psychology of learning principles 5-time NCAA Division I All-American at Indiana University Masters Swimming World and National Record Holder 21-time Senior Olympic Summer Games Championships Gold Medalist Coach of All-American Collegiate Women and High School Boys 55+ years of Experience teaching 1000's to swim and 100's of instructors B.S. and M.S. teaching degress in Health and Physical Education Director of Aquatics for large municipal, club, and university programs Author of Teach Yourself To Swim Like a Pro In One Minute Steps Producer of Teach Yourself To Swim complete curriculum 4 DVD video set 7 hours and 24 minutes of viewing time

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