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Dr. Pete Andersen

World's Best Swimming Instructor


I began learning how to teach swimming as a H.S. freshman at Evanston Twp. H.S. the first suburb north of Chicago over 55 years ago. From H.S. I went to Indiana University to earn B.S. and M.S. degrees in Health and Physical Education, and became a 5-time All-American coached by the legend, Doc Counsilman.
Since that time I've been Director of Aquatics for every kind of operation imaginable from local club pools to 10 lane 50 meter complexes with diving wells, and have taught well over 1000's to swim and 100's to be student instructors.
On a personal level I've also experienced almost every type of water sport to provide knowledge of the powerful forces of moving water in waves, currents, and temperatures as well as marine life to avoid risks in unfamiliar places.
At Indiana I learned how to apply all the physics principles to my teaching from Doc. Then six years later I earned my Ph.D. degree with emphasis in psychology of learning principles no other instructor knows about and also applied those principles to my teaching.
As a result I've introduced six new teaching methods and numerous correct visual, verbal, and kinesthetic (feeling) cues that are proven to get faster longer-lasting results.
July 1, 2008 I retired as an Illinois K-12 school superintendent to know curriculum development, and published my "Teach Yourself to Swim Like a Pro In One Minute Steps" book and companion video curriculum series for all the strokes plus water safety in unfamiliar places - the only complete video curriculum series on the market today. Major teaching organizations like the Red Cross and YMCA are far from producing what I have already accomplished.
My book/video packages have been sold in over six different countries and numerous states here in the U.S. As a Masters Swimming competitor I demonstrate what I teach and hold World and National Records for my age-group. I have also earned 21 Senior Olympic Summer Games Championships gold medals with records to match.
I have also coached All-American collegiate women and high school boys and large age-group teams of 150 members and more with only one assistant.
To my knowledge no other instructor has my credentials, education, or experience to teach you how to teach yourself or your kids as well as I do very fast in my famous system of easy-to-master one-minute steps. All my content is based on never out-of-date applied physics and psychology of learning principles!