Water Polo Goalkeeping: Beyond

In Water Polo Goalkeeping: Beyond “Just Block the Ball”, Olympian Steve Hamann shows you the many different things that he has done over his career in order to become one of the most decorated players in the sport. These instructional videos feature Hamann performing essential goalkeeper techniques and reviewing the "why" and "how" of each technique.

Among the topics covered:

Practice protection
Blocking the ball
Angle shots
Not taking the fake
Hole shots
Lob shots
Cross-cage shots
6-on-5 positioning
Practice on your own

SteveHamann Steve Hamann Olympian and All American Water Polo Goalie

Steve Hamann is one of the premier goalies in the history of the United States water polo. An Olympian, an All-American at every level of play, a member of the Water Polo Hall of Fame, and a United States National Team member from 1972-1984, Steve was twice voted the top goalkeeper in the world at the World Student Games in Moscow. Steve remains active in water polo. Since 1992, he has participated as a player at the master’s level. Steve is also a widely respected and sought-after clinician. He currently owns and operates the Steve Hamann Water Polo Clinic for Goalkeepers and Coaches.

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