2020 TTCA Convention


2020 TTCA


1 Real-Time Video Analysis App Backed by Andy Roddick & James Blake 2 Developing the Triple-Impact Competitor 3 Games Based Tennis Practice to Stir the Heart, Soul, and Play of Your Team 4 Fundamentals of the Volley and Drills to Use Them 5 Keeping Athletes Focused and Positive During Uncertainty 6 Sit Down With the Bryan Brothers & Sam Querrey 7 Building a Championship Culture in Team Tennis 8 Five Inspirations From Luke - A Father and Son's Story 9 Tennis Mechanics for All Levels 10 The Gigi Method: 3 Secrets to Successful Doubles Partnerships 11 Tennis...Outside the Lines 12 The Natural Kinetic Chain in Tennis 13 Dynamic Warmups for Tennis 14 Junior Data: What Do Match Winners Do Better Than Their Opponents? 15 Mindfulness for Peak Performance 16 Dave Borelli - Dynamic Tennis Playing From the Waist Up 17 Alison Ojeda - Strategies For Playing Winning Singles 18 Matt Knoll Let Tennis Pay For Your College 19 Amanda Shaw - How Serve Tennis Can Help the School Coach 20 John Eagleton - Tips and Testimonials to Advance Your Team 21 David Smith - Stroke Production Within the Advanced Foundation 22 Ike Anders - Middle School Stroke Production Progressions 23 Monty Gibson - Selling Your Program Through Strength and Conditioning 24 Clint Laukhuf - On Court Athletic Skill Development 25 Will Hamilton - 4 Tells to Know Where Your Opponents Ball is Going 26 Craig OShannessy - What Matters Most to Winning 27 Daniel Marshall Comprehensive Tennis DEC Rules and Their Value 28 Ruben Vargas - Rules That Every Coach Thinks They Know But Probably Don't 29 So You’re the Tennis Coach - Now What _ Tyson and Randy Stewart 30 Bryce Young & Linda LeClaire - Energy Traps 31 Stan Oley - Whats Your Players Tennis IQ 32 Delaine Mast - Establishing Your Feeder Pattern 33 Tim Drain Getting the Most Out of Your AD 34 The Devil - is in the Details- Turning Individuals into a Team 35 Building and Maintaining a Competitive Program in a Small School 36 Teaching Advanced Visual Skills To Take Each Player To a New Level 37 Tony Minnis - Mental Toughness for the Player, Parent, & Coach 38 Vince Sharp - Psychology Behind Coaching Players of Today 39 David Daniels - Basic Footwork for Tennis Players 40 Kenny Bice - Quick Fix Tennis Hacks for the Average Coach 41 Jonathan Hicks - UTR for School Tennis 42 David Smith - Reaching every Players True Potential 43 Nate Gross Building a Powerhouse Team Without Better Facilities or Star Pla 44 Bruce Waschuk - TTCA ITA Partnership & iOnCourt 45 Bill Riddle - How To Get Free Tennis Money 46 Ken DeHart - 5 Tips to Improve Your Teaching and Your Players Performance 47 Ryann Cutillo - Big Time Tips From the TopCourt Pros 48 Kim Gidley - Who What When Where and Why of Planning Practice 49 Rory Frazee - Variety is the Spice of Life 50 Rory Frazee - Variety is the Spice of Life 51 Dash Connell Communicating With Your Players in Practice Matches and Beyond 52 Carrie Castleberry -Practice for Beginners Middle School Tennis At its Best 53 Rose Bristow - Lots of Drills and Games for Jr High Tennis 54 Jorge Capestany - Best Drills for HS Practice 55 Kirk Kniffen - Group Drills for a Productive Practice 56 Randy Stewart - My Favorite Ball Machine Drills 57 Joey Cantu - Top 10 Favorite Drills 58 Matt Freeman - Windscreens 101 59 Debra LaPorte Sportsmanship The Social Value of Ethical Leadership in Sport 60 Mackey - Real Deal Coaching Connecting the Dots Between Sports and Life 61 General Membership Meeting

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