Oscar Wegner`s How To Coach Beginners

by Oscar Wegner
Oscar Wegner`s How To Coach Beginners


MTM-U  How To Coach Beginners 


This course is for:

Individuals including coaches, players, parents or school teachers who want to learn how to teach Modern Tennis Methodology. Upon successful course completion the candidate will have gained the ability to deliver basic MTM skills to beginner-level players. 

This course is the first step in the MTM-U (Modern Tennis Methodology University) Certification process. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student to apply for MTM-U Certification Level I Tennis Teacher. 

Certification Requirements:

  • Play Like The Pros Course
  • Best Of Oscar Course
  • Level I Introduction To Coaching Course

Additional reuqirements:

  • Course completion certificates
  • Resume
  • Video or on-court session* demonstrating ability to deliver the methodology to beginner students

Upon successful completion of the above requirements MTM-U certification and diploma will be issued by MTM-U Regional or International Certification Directors through MTM-U for a separate fee.

*(see MTM-U for details)

​Certificate will read “(name) is certified as an MTM-U Level I Tennis Teacher”


1 Welcome 2 Introduction to MTM 3 Teaching With Simplicity 4 The Basics Of Learning 5 PowerPoint: Core Technical Concepts 6 Practice Makes Perfect 7 Find-Feel-Finish 8 Introducing The 3F's 9 Hand-Eye Coordination Drills Explained 10 DRILL 1 Hand-Eye Coordination Drills 11 Chapter 1 Quiz
12 Introduction To Groundstrokes 13 PowerPoint: The Modern Forehand 14 Forehand Control 15 Forehand Movement 16 Forehand Drills Explained 17 DRILL 2 - Forehand Drills 18 PowerPoint: The 2-Handed Backhand 19 The 2HBH 20 2-Handed Backhand Drills Explained 21 DRILL 3 - 2-Handed Backhand Drills 22 PowerPoint: The 1-Handed Backhand 23 The 1HBH 24 1-Handed Backhand Drills Explained 25 DRILL 4 - 1-Handed Backhand Drills 26 Chapter 2 Quiz
Serve & Score
27 Introduction To The Serve 28 PowerPoint: The Serve 29 Serving Basics 30 The Spin Serve 31 Serve Drills Explained 32 DRILL 5 - The Serve 33 Basic Rules Of Tennis 34 Let's Play! Applying The Basics 35 MTM For Kids (Part 1) 36 MTM For Kids (Part 2) 37 Chapter 3 Quiz
Volleys, Lob & Overhead Smash
38 Hitting Before The Bounce 39 Introduction To Volleys 40 PowerPoint: The Volley 41 Volleying Basics 42 Volleying On The Move 43 High & Low Volleys 44 Volley Drills Explained 45 DRILL 6 - The Volleys 46 The Volley Board 47 PowerPoint: The Lob & Smash 48 The Overhead 49 Overhead Smash Drills Explained 50 DRILL 7 - The Overhead Smash 51 Chapter 4 Quiz
52 Basic Tennis Strategy 53 Intermediate Tennis Strategy 54 In Conclusion 55 Course Completion 56 Chapter 5 Quiz

The Coach


Oscar Wegner



The Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association (MTMCA) was created by Oscar Wegner to help you study and master his Modern Tennis Methodology™. The MTM University certifies coaches throughout the world using a simple yet effective teaching system via standardized online courses. Qualification by specialized MTM lessons and exams coupled with any other training you may have will permit you to become a professional practitioner. 

The purpose of MTM is to make available to the mases a tennis methodology that, when applied diligently, will result in a greater sense of ability, enthusiasm and interest for coaches and players alike. 

If you are new to coaching or have been previously trained by other tennis-teaching styles, systems or organizations, MTM-U is the place to start on a new journey of discovery in Modern Tennis Methodology™.


Ratings and Reviews (6)

Philippe Matta

A super efficient method of teaching tennis and a very informative course.

Aug 21, 21 05:42 AM

Roberto Ornelas

excellent stuff, i already started applying some of it with my students

Jan 6, 22 12:06 PM

Bassem Naser aldine

Very helpful and educative.

Jun 19, 22 02:09 PM

Motez Robinson


Aug 11, 22 06:30 PM

Paras Sharma

Excellent course

Mar 12, 23 05:15 PM

Ioannis Dimakakos

Simply and naturally explanation for the beginners player

Oct 15, 23 03:34 PM

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