British Doubles System: Receiver`s Partner- Louis Cayer

by World Tennis Conference
British Doubles System: Receiver`s Partner- Louis Cayer


A great doubles team is a lot more than two good players on the same side of the court.
At the highest levels, each player has a responsibility that makes the team stronger than the sum of its parts.
Louis Cayer, Legendary coach of Jamie Murray, Featured Presenter at World Tennis Conference, and GPTCA/ATP accredited coach lays out the responsibilities of the receiver’s partner in “British Doubles System: Receiver’s Partner”.
In this powerful course, you’ll learn:
  • The 3-second rule of winning doubles
  • How to become an empowering partner that brings out the best in everyone you play with.
  • The 3 keys to making your opponent lose the match 
  • The 3 tactical situations for when the receiver’s partner stays back, and how to execute ALL of them.
  • Why looking behind to glance at your partner is NOT a cardinal sin, after all.
  • Exactly where the receiver’s partner should move after each serve.
  • How dominating the middle of the court, almost always wins you the match… and how to do it.
  • When to poach, and when NOT to poach.
You’ll see real players executing everything Louis shares in this course, complete with breakdowns of exactly what went right (and wrong) on a given point.
On top of that, you’ll discover:
  • What to do when the server stays back.
  • How to pressure the server and force errors.
  • What to do against the I formation.
  • How to be offensive against the Australian (and I) formations.
  • How to dominate in 1 up, 1 back (neutral formations)
The British Doubles System is jam-packed with the knowledge and tactics you and your players need to consistently outperform players at the same level.
It’s exactly why any British player can play with any other Brit, and play extraordinarily well.
If there’s a lot of doubles in your future, or your player’s, the British Doubles System: Receiver’s Partner will show you what the receiver’s partner needs to do to put maximum pressure on your opponents… and lead to more wins.

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