Fundamentals of Tennis Serving for High School Students

by TTCA Texas Tennis Coaches Association
Fundamentals of Tennis Serving for High School Students


Embark on a transformative journey with Will Stewart, esteemed tennis coach, as he guides high school coaches through the intricacies of the tennis serve. Tailored specifically for beginners, this course focuses on simplifying serving techniques while fostering a solid foundation in serving fundamentals.

Coach Stewart's methodology revolves around the power of keywords to streamline comprehension and retention of essential serving principles. Through innovative drills, students initially utilize a tennis ball as a surrogate racket, mastering the throwing motion before seamlessly transitioning to the actual racket.

Emphasizing repetition and muscle memory cultivation, students progressively enhance their serving prowess, bolstering confidence with each session. Stewart's systematic approach dissects the serve into digestible components, from body alignment to the graceful finishing bow gesture.

By maintaining clear and concise instructions and offering timely reminders during practice, Stewart ensures that students assimilate serving skills effectively, empowering them to excel on the court and beyond. Join us in this dynamic course and unleash your serving potential under the expert guidance of Coach Will Stewart.

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