Tennis Lesson: Teaching the Slice Serve to a 7-Year Old

In this video series Cosmin teaches his 7 year old daughter how to apply slice (side spin) to her serve.
When teaching it is best to keep it simple. He shows his daughter only two main aspects to focus on...

ProCosmin Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin is a certified tennis teaching professional; has been playing tennis for over 30 years and sharing his knowledge since 2003.
He and his wife raise two beautiful daughters to whom he teaches tennis to.
Cosmin has also founded a tennis website where he shares his knowledge with coaches willing to give their students a better tennis experience and gives quality tennis instruction to players at levels beginning and intermediate (

Through the "My Daddy / My Coach" video series (all at Cosmin shows the world how he teaches his own two daughters: from total beginners transforming them into competitive tennis players.

Tennis is fun!

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