Get to the Net


This episode of "On Court with USPTA" will show you how to get to the net off the approach and off of your opponent's second serve.

USPTA Professional and Grand Slam champion Hank Pfister will give you tips and share with you some of his secrets to help you master this skill. If you are a serve-and-volleyer you should get to the net at every opportunity. The key is to remember that you are not trying to hit a winner when you come in. Learn how to approach, where to hit the volley and where to stand on your opponent's second serve to maintain the offensive while keeping your opponent guessing.

In this instructional tennis course you will learn the backhand slice technique and where to hit the approach shot based on your court position. You will also discover where to stand when coming in off the second serve, the technique for the backswing, and where to direct the ball.

Bonus features:

  • Lesson on the approach shot
  • Lesson on the approach off of the return
  • Lesson on the backhand slice
  • Interview with Hank Pfister

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Hank Pfister is a former tennis player from the United States, who won two singles titles during his professional career. The right-hander reached his highest individual ranking on the ATP Tour on May 2, 1983, when he became World No. 19.

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