Intuitive Tennis for Beginners

by Nikola Aracic
Intuitive Tennis for Beginners


Tennis is a counterintuitive game. When you start playing as a beginner, you are going to play wrong intuitively. So it is of the utmost importance that you learn the proper fundamentals. In addition, a relationship between the ball and your hand has to be established from the get-go. This will allow you to develop the right feel and timing so that you can rally in your first session on the tennis court. Beginners often learn tennis the wrong way, which holds back their development, and they depend on the coach to play tennis. They have no ability to go to the court and keep the ball in play. 

Intuitive tennis for beginners will teach you tennis in a way where you can rally in your first session on the tennis court. In this comprehensive course, you will learn the right progressions on your forehand, backhand, volleys, and serve so that improvement is guaranteed if you work hard. Muscle memory can only be established with repetition. However, many beginner tennis players build the wrong muscle memory and can't keep the ball in play. Going out to the court with a friend and playing becomes tiresome because they have to pick up balls every few seconds. They get so frustrated that they might stop playing tennis altogether. 

Intuitive tennis for beginners will not burden you with unnecessary techniques and will only teach you the technical elements needed for gradual improvement. The fascinating thing is that once you start improving and deeply engraining the fundamentals into your muscle memory, you will trust your shots more and slowly start accelerating faster and faster. Once you possess the fundamentals and adequate acceleration, intuitive technical elements will be entirely built on their own without you ever being conscious of them. You will become an intuitive tennis player. That's how the pros play.


The Coach

Nikola Aracic is the founder of Intuitive Tennis, a teaching methodology that has helped thousands of players worldwide to improve their tennis game by relying on their intuition rather than mechanics. 

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