Learn the most effective forehand - the HammerIt Forehand

Learn the most effective and efficient forehand!  Learn the secrets and the strokes that the pros know! Using his break-through learning and instructional method, Founder and Head Coach, Daniel Dodson shows you how to hit a world class forehand.  This course is a mini-series available on YouTube ,HOWEVER, THIS course only on CoachTube allows you to download course materials not available to YouTube viewers.  Look at diagrams that help show you key positions and help build your understanding of the forehand!  

HammerItTennis Daniel Dodson HammerIt Tennis

After years of being frustrated of learning and even teaching the same old dogma that has plagued the tennis world for years, HammerIt Tennis, Founder and Head Coach, Daniel Dodson has put together a course that will dramatically change how you understand and hit your forehand!

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