Oscar Wegner`s Coaching Intermediate Players

by Oscar Wegner
Oscar Wegner`s Coaching Intermediate Players


MTM-U Coaching Intermediate Players


This course is for:

Individuals who wish to continue on the MTM-U study pathway toward the MTM-U Level II Tennis Teaching Professional certification. 

This course will prepare the student to coach beginner to intermediate level players who may or may not have had previous MTM tennis instruction.

Material covered will include identifying and handling misconceptions and troubleshooting issues encountered by previously trained or self-taught players.

Certification Requirements:


  • Play Like The Pros Course
  • Best Of Oscar Course
  • Level I Introduction To Coaching Course

Level II Courses:

  • Tennis Into The Future - Modern Footwork Course
  • Level II Intermediate Coaching Techniques Course

Additional reuqirements:

  • Course completion certificates
  • Resume
  • Video or on-court session* demonstrating ability to deliver the methodology to beginner students

Upon successful completion of the above requirements MTM-U certification and diploma will be issued by MTM-U Regional or International Certification Directors through MTM-U for a separate fee

*(see MTM-U for details)

​Certificate will read “(name) is certified as an MTM-U Level II Tennis Teaching Professional”



The Coach


Oscar Wegner



OSCAR WEGNER was light-years ahead of the tennis industry when he was coaching open stance, stalking the ball in front, hitting up and across, lifting the body, heavy topspin and more at Spain's Tennis Federation School in Barcelona in 1973 and in Florianopolis, Brazil in the 1980's. OSCAR published his first book, “Tennis in 2 Hours" in 1989, which immediately became popular with coaches in Eastern Europe, from Moscow to Belgrade.

OSCAR'S innovative teachings received further exposure for 4 years on "THE NEW TENNIS MAGAZINE" TV show in the early 1990's, leading Richard Williams to test these tenets with his daughters, future world champions Venus and Serena.

Meanwhile, Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten, who had started with these techniques as a 5 year old, became world champion in the year 2000 and three-time French Open winner. From 1997 through 1999 ESPN International promoted OSCAR'S 40 revolutionary "PLAY LIKE THE PROS" tips in English and Spanish to their entire network of over 150 countries, leading to more successes around the world, receiving, in two and a half years of daily exposure, more than 10 billion impressions. Furthermore, OSCAR'S far reaching technical commentary on ESPN Latin America for 6 years charted a new course in tennis for that continent.

In the 2,000s Oscar published more revolutionary books and DVDs, culminating with the "TENNIS INTO THE FUTURE" DVD Series, published in 2010. Today Oscar continues to share his latest insights into modern tennis with blog articles and video tips, and his most recent online book "Play Like The Pros". He also teaches players and coaches upon request. 

Ratings and Reviews (6)

Philippe Matta

O método que ensina você a ser um excelente profissional, o MTM-U é a chave do sucesso 🔑

Aug 23, 21 01:07 AM

Chris Baldwin

Fantastic! Oscar is the best of the best. A true innovator

May 27, 22 03:56 AM

Daniele Valentino

Very interessant

Jan 15, 23 01:00 PM

Paras Sharma

Excellent treatise on coaching and troubleshooting common problems. I feel like taking this course has improved my tennis performance much more (and more quickly) than taking classes/clinics regularly. Very grateful to Oscar Wegner for making these wonderful contributions to teaching tennis. I was able to see instant results in applying these principles when teaching my 5 year old daughter.

Mar 18, 23 12:49 PM

Ioannis Dimakakos


Oct 15, 23 01:29 PM

Motez Robinson


May 3, 24 06:30 PM

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