Serve Fundamentals

by jmalfait
Serve Fundamentals


Do you want an unfair advantage in your tennis matches? 

We both know your serve CAN be that unfair advantage, but for most of us it’s not… 

Let me ask you…

Is your serve inconsistent? 

Does it lack power? 

Are you giving away free points? 

Are you double faulting more than you’d like?

Do you feel self conscious when you’re serving in doubles because you don’t want to let your partner down or look bad?  

Or maybe your partner stays back in doubles because he doesn’t want to get drilled by the return. 

Maybe in singles your serve is getting attacked and puts you on the defensive from the beginning of the point.  Maybe you just lack the confidence in your serve in the big moments. 

Or maybe you’re just flat out frustrated with your serve. 

Hey Everybody, Jeremy Malfait with ya here, and today I want to tell you about a Simple and PROVEN way to Get That Serve You’ve always wanted.  

It’s a NEW Program Called Serve Fundamentals… 

and if you want that confidence you get from, a powerful, consistent and accurate serve, or you just want an unfair advantage over your opponents, then you’re going to love this. 

What’s Great About Serve Fundamentals Is it gives you all of the foundational skills as well as the advanced serve techniques you need in a simple, proven step by step blueprint for getting the serve that serve you’ve always wanted. 

You just follow the simple, powerful progressions and drills step by step and you’ll start getting your serve right immediately… and with me as your guide, we do it in a SIMPLE way without ANY additional practice time.

Serve Fundamentals lets you easily develop a weapon that gives You an unfair advantage over your opponents in the shortest amount of time possible.


Here’s How it Works: 


Serve Fundamentals is a 14 video system that gives you all of the fundamental skills and techniques you need to develop your serve into a big time weapon that gives you confidence to go for your serve every time and ultimately let you win more points. While eliminating all of the frustration that you’re dealing with now in getting your serve to reach that level of consistency you’re looking for.

You just follow the system exactly, step by step and let it WORK for you.

The Serve Fundamentals system was created to guide you through a dynamic series of skill building drills that create effortless power, rock solid consistency and deadly accuracy on your serve in the easiest way possible… which leads to more easy put aways for your doubles partner and more overall confidence for you. 


Here are the Videos you get:


  1. The Grip- In This Video, I’ll Show You The Subtle Secrets To Holding Your Racket Correctly For Maximum Looseness, Power, and Spin.
  2. The Ritual - Here You’ll Learn A Hack to Automatically Program Your Body To Hit Your Serve Exactly How You Want To
  3. The Stance - In This Video, You’ll Learn the Secret to Perfect Balance, Giving You Effortlessly Powerful, and Deadly Accurate Serves On Command
  4. Weight Transfer- Your Fluidity, Power, and Accuracy are All Directly Related to Rhythm, and in this video, I’ll show you exactly how to transfer your weight for maximum effectiveness.
  5. Seperation- In This Video, You’ll Learn The Almost Imperceptible Difference That All High Level Servers Perform With Their Hands.  This Gives Them A Fundamental Advantage Over All Other Players Who Don’t Do This.
  6. The Toss- In This Video, You’ll Learn Once and For All How To Toss The Ball Exactly Where You Want to, Every Single Time. No More Wild Tosses! You’ll also learn The Range of Acceptability For Height And Location That Give You The Best Chance to Hit That Perfect Serve Every Time.
  7. The Load- In This Video, You’ll Learn to Coil Your Body and in the process create massive amounts of potential energy.  You’ll learn the difference between “swinging harder” and “Releasing” This Fundamental Difference Results in Effortless Power that is Sustainable and Repeatable.
  8. The Throwing Motion- You’ve Heard the Serve is a “Throwing Motion”.  In this Video, I show you EXACTLY How to Do It properly, step by step with zero guesswork.
  9. Synchronization- Here I walk you through how to synchronize Your Leg Drive With The Racket Drop for Maximum Racket Acceleration and Enormous Power Potential.  
  10. Contact Point- The Moment of Truth.  In this video, I’ll show you exactly where to make contact with the ball so you can repeat your motion, develop your feel, And Improve Your Consistency
  11. Pronation and Rotation- In this video, you’ll learn the little known combination that is necessary to create maximum power.  This is the secret that club players with weak serves don’t know.
  12. Follow Through- In This Video, You’ll Learn to easily and effortlessly rip big times serves while safely decelerating your body and arm to virtually eliminate injury risk.
  13. Recovery Footwork- You’ve just hit a great serve.  Now what? In This video, you’ll learn exactly how to prepare for your next shot, to gain the upper hand on your opponent.
  14. Serve Accuracy- In this video, you’ll learn the serve target drill all of my private clients use to develop pinpoint accuracy in a fraction of the time.

You see, with Serve Fundamentals you’re not just mindlessly hitting balls over the net and hoping your serve is getting better. You’ve got a system that’s based on rock solid fundamentals the pros use… that’s simple, that’s easy to follow, and most importantly that gets results quickly. Period.

It’s so simple and intuitive, even your children and grandchildren can practice with you. 

If you want to take your serve to the next level, gain an unfair advantage over your opponents, and have a lot more fun on the tennis court, I want to send you Serve Fundamentals today..


The price is just $49. 


This is part of a special promotion I’m only releasing to my list and I will be raising the price to $97 after the launch.


Sure, You could put this off, but what’s that going to get you? More weak second serves? More points when you’re on defense from the beginning? More frustrating losses? Not as many people inviting you to play doubles with them? (Use clips from the opening few paragraphs where we show weak serves, being put on defensive, etc.)


Plus, Serve Fundamentals comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 


I want you to test this system… and really put it to work for you… if you don’t feel like it’s going to give you a significantly better serve, just let me know, and I’ll refund you 100% of your money back with no questions asked.


But, if you order today… I”ve got great news. As part of this special promotion… You’ll also be receiving 2 Awesome Bonuses.


Bonus #1: How to Fix The Waiter’s Serve: The Waiter’s Serve is the enemy to serve power, spin and accuracy.  It plagues tennis players at the club level… and in this video, I show you how to get rid of it, once and for all.  Replacing it with the proper mechanics to unleash your serve’s greatest potential. (Use clip from this video)


Bonus #2: Continental Grip Progressions- For some players, the continental grip doesn’t feel natural.  That’s because they haven’t gone through these progressions.  My private clients serve easily and effortlessly with a continental grip which allows them to maximize power, spin, accuracy, and most importantly consistency.  And it’s because they use the progressions in this bonus. (Use clip from this video)


These bonuses are easily worth over $100… but they’re yours FREE.


Look, as great as Serve Fundamentals is, it's NOT for everybody… so I want you to really be sure this is right for you when you order today.  


That’s why we should take a minute and just go through the pros and cons of what we’re about to do together.


So let’s look at the pros… well, you’ve got a highly organized, proven simple system for developing rock solid fundamentals that will last a lifetime for your serve. (Perfect looking serve)


You’ve got a complete, proven 16 phase system that covers each skill, fundamental and technique you need in a PROVEN way and allows you to put together your serve in the quickest way possible. (Couple of clips from the course that demonstrate the progressions)

the Videos are fully downloadable and are yours forever, so you can take them with you wherever you want on your mobile device)… pretty good! 

Now as I promised… it’s not all rainbows and butterflies… there are some cons… the first being… it’s not cheap.  And ya know what… you’re right

But think about what one tennis lesson costs these days.  I personally start at $100/hour and that’s if I’m taking new students, which I’m not currently.  

There is no way we could cover everything in this course in one hour.  And you wouldn’t have the multiple perspectives that these videos give you.  We would need to spend at least one hour on each video… and that would cost you upwards of $1,000 .

You’re getting the benefits at a fraction of that.

Here’s something else, let’s fast forward to a year from now and assume you’ve been following along and you've actually did the exercises.

Your serve is totally transformed.  You feel confident hitting it, You’re ripping your serve, winning free points, and your doubles partner loves you because he looks good up there poaching off those weak returns that you have set up for them.  (Slow motion videos of awesome looking serves from multiple angles)

How would that feel?

Well, if you divide $49 by 365 that’s just .13 cents per day for one year.

I don’t think you can buy ANYTHING for .13 these days… maybe a stick of gum

What’s more important… a stick of gum or taking your entire serve to the next level, busting through your plateau and having a lot more fun on the tennis court?

Hey- if I need to, I’ll even send you a stick of gum in the mail to get you started!

Why? Because obviously .13 is NOTHING.  I’m not going to miss it and neither will you! 

But if that’s what it takes, tell me what kind of gum you’d like, and I’ll have it on your doorstep tomorrow!

You may be thinking… can’t I get all of this stuff for free on youtube and stuff? 

Here’s the thing… there are a MILLION tips available online.  But who has time to sit down and watch a million videos… go out and try a million different things that aren’t designed to go with each other… and guess which ones work and which ones don’t?

>>(Often times the stuff on youtube some of it’s simply not correct… and some of it may be great, but it just doesn’t necessarily apply to them)<<

I don’t know about you… but if I know someone has already done all of the heavy lifting, tested the process and I can just step in, absorb their knowledge, model what already works, and start getting great results… then I’m in.

Here’s something else...a lot of people ask me “How do I know this will work for me?”

And when I hear that, I want to say “I think you’re asking me that because you either don’t trust me or you don’t fully trust yourself.”

And ya know what? If I haven’t earned your trust… please don’t order.  I don’t deserve it.  I haven’t done my job today and I don’t want something for nothing. It’s OK. My feelings aren’t hurt and I apologize for wasting your time.

But if you DO trust me… 

then I think what you’re really saying when you ask me that question is, “I’ve got self doubt and I’m not sure I can actually do this.”

I completely understand because I’ve felt the same way about a lot of things.  And when I feel that way… if I’m honest with myself… it’s because I’ve tried something and failed… and don’t want to go through the pain of failure again.

Let me see if I can help you by telling you an “embarrassing” story.

I started playing tennis at a very young age.  My mom was a pro, and got me started.

I quickly got pretty good… you could say I was a bit of a “natural”.

But then something happened.

As I got into my teens, I started getting nervous.  In fact, I began developing the kind of chest seizing anxiety heart attack patients get.

I realize it didn’t make sense logically… but that didn’t stop that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach from costing me matches.

I was losing to players that I was infinitely more talented than.

All because I couldn’t handle the pressure… and the anxiety I felt on a daily basis.

Eventually I decided to quit tennis.  I just stopped playing.  The fear… the anxiety was too much for me to handle so I just walked away.

But I quickly discovered how much I missed it.  I started coaching.  And have re-discovered the love of tennis.

It makes me wonder why I couldn’t come to this feeling sooner.

let me ask you… if we could go back in time… and you could talk to me as I was thinking about quitting.  What would you do?

Of course, you’d encourage me to keep playing, and I’d do the same thing for you…in fact, that’s what I’m trying to do for you right now!

My ONE decision to get back into tennis changed my life forever… and it seems like you might be facing a similar decision right now.

So let me ask you…are you going to let fear and self-doubt cheat you out of the game and skills you deserve?

If you haven’t ordered already, I can only think that you’re worried about making a bad decision.

And you know what… MAYBE YOU ARE!


 what if you’re not?

Look, let’s get real for a minute…

Let’s say you get this and you hate it…

That’s pretty much a worse case scenario, right?

Let’s say it’s the worst thing you’ve ever had and it’s just awful.

Can it get worse than that, realistically? Can we agree that that is the worst-case scenario?

Hey, if that happens… here’s how to fix it.

Just send it back, and you’ll get a full refund… it’ll be like it never even happened.

In fact, don’t send it back… you can keep it, or throw it away and I”ll give you all of your money back, no questions asked.

Pretty easy, right?


what if this works??

Hey- you’re still here watching this so you know you’ve got a pretty strong gut feeling that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What if your gut feeling is right?

1 year from now, you could be ripping big-time serves… feeling amazing on the court… and loving the admiration of all of your tennis buddies (PERFECT LOOKING SERVES)

Isn’t it at least worth trying?

After all- the worst that can happen is you get to hit the “delete” button on the whole thing and get your money back.

But the best-case scenario is really game-changing.  


Imagine the pride you’re going to feel when you’re no longer getting your serve attacked, but instead are the one dictating play with your new big time weapon.  (PERFECT LOOKING SERVES)

When you can step on the court each day and have the satisfaction knowing you’re improving every day, and living up to your potential..  Imagine how your game will change.  (PERFECT LOOKING SERVES)

Let’s get started today.

To recap:

You’re getting Serve Fundamentals, The Complete 14 Video System for getting the serve you’ve always wanted, and gaining an unfair advantage over your opponents, you’re getting the Waiter’s Serve Cure and The Continental Grip Progressions… two bonuses worth over $100.  All for just $47 so if you want to take advantage of this awesome promotion, then go ahead, click the button below… and let’s get started!


The Coach

My name is Jeremy Malfait. I am an elite-certified United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) coach.

I am incredibly passionate about teaching tennis. I'd say it’s an obsession.

I love helping players improve their game in all aspects. I have spent the last 8 years studying stroke technique, while looking at the smallest details. Every day I teach tennis to club players of all levels and when I’m not on the court I am studying this sport that I love.

I enjoy helping others with their tennis as the better you get the more fun it is. I have experience coaching high school tennis and teaching high performance players.

For 3 of the 4 years when I played high school team tennis, I was undefeated without dropping a set. As a top junior in the United States I played in nationals and was victorious against several players whom are now on the pro tour. I want to share my knowledge with as many people around the world as I possibly can. 

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