The Competetive Edge In Tennis
by Ken DeHart

The very best tips and tricks Ken DeHart has to offer to take your tennis game to the next level!

1 Introduction 00:26
Chapter 1: Drills
2 10 of 10 & 10 Up 10 Down 02:11
3 Doubles Dance 02:13
4 20 On The Run 01:24
5 Pro Volley Drill 01:06
6 Double Touch 01:00
7 Pick A Side 01:16
8 Volley-Put Away 01:08
9 I'll Take That Shot 01:47
10 Match My Spin 01:13
Chapter 2: Movement
11 Juggle Drill 01:54
12 12 Steps 01:26
13 Cone Drill 02:14
14 Mall Shuffle 00:46
Chapter 3: Strategy
15 Serve & Return Targets 01:47
16 Pretty Ugly Tennis 01:25
17 Creating Patterns 02:48
Chapter 4: Mental Toughness
18 Count When You Hit 02:01
19 80% Rule 01:30
20 Paying Attention to Attention 01:20
21 Watch Vs. See 02:08
Chapter 5: Games
22 3 To Win A Major 02:59
23 Attack 02:07
24 Ghetto Tennis 01:57
25 Singles, Singles, Doubles 02:12
26 Knock Out 01:26
27 You Name It Doubles 04:01

KenDeHart Ken DeHart World Renowned Coach

I have played and taught tennis for most of my life since the age of 19. I have been able to travel around the USA and the world to learn for the best coaches and to offer training to over 4,000 coaches and pros.

I received an opportunity to become a full time tennis pro and move to Nashville, Tennessee to become Director of Tennis for Sequoia Swim & Tennis for 2 years. I then became Director of Tennis for Woodmont Country Club for 5 years and Director for the largest club in Nashville - Maryland Farms Racquet and Country Club for 5 years.

Realizing I need more administrative experience, I moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina to become the Executive Director of the Professional Tennis Registry for over 2 years. Director of Tennis for Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island with 30 courts became my next Director of Tennis position.
My parents had moved to Phoenix, Arizona and I interviewed for a position there and became the Director of Tennis for the largest club in Phoenix - the Western Reserve Club. We had 31 courts and the largest tennis program in the Southwest for 10 years. Later the owner and his wife divorced and he sold the club to CONDO development.

I was able to be hired in Atlanta, GA as Director of Tennis at the Sporting Club at Windy Hills, a $20 million dollar facility. After a year in Atlanta, I had an opportunity to become the Director of Tennis at Beverly Hills Country Club and move to LA. Here I would meet my wife - Karen and after a year there, we moved to San Jose where I have spent the last 15 years as Director of Tennis at Los Gatos, Mission Hill, San Jose Swim & Racquet Club (10 years) and now at AVAC with 11 courts and an incredible tennis staff and management team.

While this may sound like a lot of moving around the country, each move has been a positive career move and most have been for 5 years or more and 2 have been for 10 years or more - I have just been in the game for a long time.

All these opportunities have provided me with insights into how the game has changed, how it is taught and how to motive players and how to build a program.

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