High Jump 101 E-Course

by Cory White
High Jump 101 E-Course


High Jump 101 E-Course introduces the "4 Baby Steps of High Jump," the simple plan to teach your high jump athletes how to high jump correctly.  In this course, you will receive the e-course and other resources that can be printed and referenced while coaching


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Course Agenda:

Module 1:

  • Introduction to High Jump Help's mission
  • What coaches need in their high jump toolbox
  • Top 5 mistakes high jump coach's make

Module 2:

  • High Jump Baby Step #1 - The Approach
  • Video analysis
  • What a good looks like
  • 7 steps to developing a high jump approach
  • Drills

Module 3:

  • High Jump Baby Step #2 - The Takeoff
  • Video analysis
  • What a good looks like
  • Drills

Module 4:

  • High Jump Baby Step #3 - The Knee Drive
  • Video analysis
  • What a good looks like
  • Drills

Module 5:

  • High Jump Baby Step #4 - Overbar Mechanics (backbend)
  • Video analysis
  • What a good looks like
  • Drills

Module 6:

  • High jump coaching cues 
  • Video analysis
  • Demonstration of the most common issues and coaching cues to correct them


Resources provided:

  • PDF slide handouts to the e-course
  • "4 Baby Steps of High Jump"
  • "Top 5 Mistakes High School Coaches make in the High Jump"
  • "7 Steps to Find a High Jump Approach"
  • "Coaching Cues during a High Jump Competition"


The Coach


Cory White

Founder of High Jump Help


Coach White's mission is to help coaches understand the high jump event, so that their athletes may reach their potential.

Over years of coaching Coach, White discovered that most high jumpers he coached were coached incorrectly in the high jump.  He discovered that the least important part of the high jump was focused on the most!  He sought out to provide proven resources in the high jump event so that any coach could help an athlete reach their potential. 

His mission came alive when he was having a conversation with a new high school coach.  The high school coach was desperate for simple tips to help her coach her talented high jumper, who had already competed at the state championships the year before.  This coach said to Coach White, "I have a very talented high jumper who has made it to state, and I am afraid to mess her up!" He quickly explained 4 parts of the high jump to look for and so the "4 Baby Steps of High Jump" were born.


With over 13 years of experience high jump, Coach White will provide you with the tools to win!

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