How to Get Fast: Volume 1

How To Get Fast Volume 1 was our first speed training course based on the work of DB Hammer from his book the World's Greatest Strength Training book. The workouts have been the basis of our workouts for the past 12 years and have brought countless awards and accolades to our athletes.

ChristianKorfist Christian Korfist

Unlike most facilities who are staffed by young coaches who rely on their recent playing career and “cool” factor, Slow Guy Speed School is staffed by Chris Korfist, a “sprint guru” with an international following. With over 55 all-state sprinters and countless other high school all-state athletes, and over 20 years experience, he knows what is appropriate for the athlete in the room and not so concerned about what the pros are doing or someone else journey to where they got. In fact, the methods have been so effective, Chris has consulted NFL teams, Big 10 Universities, Olympic team and U.S. Special Forces.

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