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Youth Discus Training in the German Athletics Federation by Torsten Schmidt Lonnfors

by Daniel McQuaid
Youth Discus Training in the German Athletics Federation by Torsten Schmidt Lonnfors


This is a webinar from Torsten Schmidt about the planning and development of youth throwers.  It covers an entire year of training in detail.


(1) Introduction and Torsten Schmidt Lonnfors Bio
1 Chapter 1 Video 11:02
(2) General Support System for Youth Athletes
2 Chapter 2 Video 12:29
(3) Olympic Support Center & Federation Support System
3 Chapter 3 Video 13:52
(4) Long Term Education Concept
4 Chapter 4 Video 10:24 5 Torsten's Slides
(5) Planning a Season for Youth Athletes - Annual View
6 Chapter 5 Video 17:57
(6) Planning a Season for Youth Athletes - Mesocycle View
7 Chapter 6 Video 12:56
(7) Torsten's Mesocycle Model
8 Training Chart 9 Chapter 7 Video 13:23
(8) My Philosophy in Youth Training
10 Chapter 8 Video 10:47
(9) Footwork and Discus Drills
11 Chapter 9 Video 13:41
(10) Discus Drills Part 2
12 Chapter 10 Video 4:20
(11) Maximal Strength Phase & Special Strength Phase
13 Chapter 11 Video 12:15
(12) Throwing Training Phase & Competition Phase
14 Chapter 12 Video 13:48
(13) Rules/Goals for Training and Personal Coaching Principles
15 Chapter 13 Video 14:30
(14) Q&A Part 1
16 Chapter 14 Video 15:05
(15) Q&A Part 2
17 Chapter 15 Video 13:21

The Coach

Torsten Schmidt Lönnfors finished ninth in the discus throw at the 2004 Olympics. In 2006 he became a youth coach at the training center in Rostock, Germany. In 2009 he moved to the training center at Neubrandenberg. During his time as a youth coach, Torsten trained such outstanding young throwers as Anna Rüh, Patrick Müller, and Hennings and Clemens Prüfer. Torsten began coaching in Berlin in 2013, and from 2014-2016 his group of athletes included Robert Harting, Chris Harting, and Julia Fischer. Under Torsten's tutelage, Chris Harting won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Torsten continues to train Chris along with some younger athletes.

Ratings and Reviews (3)

David Sweeney

This webinar is an outstanding source of information on preparation of young throwers but can equally be applied to senior throwers. If you want to learn how the best do things then you need to take time and listen to this.

Jan 23, 18 10:34 AM


Very informative discussing German training philosophy, Covers development of macrocycle, mesocycle and microcycle for discus/shot putters.

May 3, 18 06:46 AM

Oğuz Kalkan


Jun 4, 19 02:09 PM

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