Volleyball Tips & Drills Video Library

by Allison Lebar
Volleyball Tips & Drills Video Library


Learn to teach the basics and beyond with this extensive coaching course that covers all aspects of the game in more than 35 volleyball drills and tips videos developed specifically for youth players. The Volleyball Drills and Tips Library provides parents, coaches, and team volunteers with all of the technical expertise you need to help kids develop essential skills and play better.

Whether you are a novice or veteran coach, these techniques will get the job done!


1 Volleyball Skills: Basic Volleyball Stance 1:16
Volleyball Passing
2 Volleyball Skills: Basic Passing Technique 0:54 3 Volleyball Drills: Four-Spot Passing Drill 0:56 4 Volleyball Drills: Lateral Passing Drill 0:49 5 Volleyball Drills: Superman Passing Drill 1:01 6 Volleyball Drills: Tummy Touch Passing Drill 0:47 7 Volleyball Drills: Self-Pass, Angle the Platform 1:35 8 Volleyball Drills: Forearm Passing 1:54 9 Volleyball Drills: Forearm Passing - Serve Reception 2:39 10 Volleyball Drills: Two-way Forearm Passing 1:17 11 Volleyball Drills: Overhead Passing 2:00 12 Volleyball Setting: Basic Setting Technique 0:53 13 Volleyball Setting: Wall Setting Drill 0:48
Volleyball Skills: Attack and Spiking
14 Volleyball Skills: Attack Basics 2:13 15 Volleyball Drills: Tennis Ball Drill for Attack 0:48 16 Volleyball Drills: Attack Drill 0:45 17 Volleyball Skills: Four Step Spike Approach 2:04 18 Volleyball Skills: Spiking Arm Movement 1:18 19 Volleyball Skills: 'I Don't Pass' Spiking Transition (with ball) 1:25 20 Volleyball Skills: 'I Don't Pass' Spiking Transition Footwork 1:36
Volleyball Serve
21 Volleyball Serve: Basic Serving Technique 2:12 22 Volleyball Drills: Volleyball Serve Partner Drill 0:58 23 Volleyball Drills: Serve 'N Sprint Drill 1:06 24 Volleyball Skills: Standing or Down Float Serve 2:22 25 Volleyball Skills: Jump Float Serve 2:54
Volleyball Defense: Blocks and Digs
26 Volleyball Skills: Basic Blocking Technique 0:54 27 Volleyball Drills: Blocking Drill 0:43 28 Volleyball Skills: Double Touch Defensive Drill 0:48 29 Volleyball Drills: 2-Step and 3-Step Blocking 2:08 30 Volleyball Drills: Pancake Drill 1:15 31 Volleyball Drills: Tomahawk Drill 1:28 32 Volleyball Skills: Sprawling 1:20
Volleyball Drills
33 Volleyball Drills: 5 Minute Drill 1:36 34 Volleyball Drills: Doubles - Pass, Set, Spike Drill 1:26 35 Volleyball Drills: Six Hit Pepper 1:08

The Coach


Allison Lebar

The perfect resource for coaches and parents.  The perfect lessons for youth players


Ed Saggio
Director Essex Volleyball Club/NJ Ed has been with the Essex Volleyball Club since 1995. He serves as the President and Technical Director of the club. He has 27 years of high school and club experience winning many state titles. 

Allison Lebar
Allison Lebar has enjoyed great success as the varsity girls' volleyball coach at Riverdale Country School in New York. She has consistently led her program to the New York state tournament. Lebar bases her instruction on volleyball fundamentals. 

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