The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™ (an overview)

by JIm Madrid
The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™ (an overview)


The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™ is a curriculum based on the foundations of modern cognitive science. Extensive interdisciplinary research at major universities across the country provides the theoretical and experimental foundation for cognitive science, including the disciplines of psychology, biology, neurology, computer science and others. The recent extensive involvement of scientists from these fields has led many to refer to this as a major movement in science, the “cognitive revolution.”

Much of AST’s curriculum is based on cognitive science, including modern cognitive theory of human behavior, a conceptual framework that emphasizes the importance of the mind on human behavior. Essentially, we use the principles of cognitive psychology to teach individuals and members of organizations and teams to use the skills of thought and analysis in setting and reaching goals.

The AST curriculum interprets scientific research and conveys it in a way that is easily understood by the average coach, club administrator, parent, and athlete. The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™ provided the tools necessary for achieving unprecedented record-breaking results – at home, at school, and on the field of play.


The 7 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™

Fundamental #1: Vision Drives Performance

  • Learn what vision is and how it works to influence thoughts and behavior.

Fundamental #2: Open Your Eyes Open Your Mind

  • Recognize how stubbornly locking on one idea limits perceptions and blocks out important information.

Fundamental #3: What You Say is What You Get

  • Understand what explanatory style is; and how it shapes self-image and behavior.

Fundamental #4: Broad Comfort Zones = Room to Move

  • Learn what comfort zones are and how they are connected to performance.

Fundamental #5: Goals Keep You Growing

  • Learn why clear, written goals are essential to changing behavior and achieving desired results.

Fundamental #6: Staying Cool Means Controlling Focus

  • Realize composure under pressure is a learned skill.

Fundamental #7: Teamwork Wins

  • Understand what teamwork is and why it matters. Appreciate the thinking and behaviors required to be a good team player.


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The Coach


JIm Madrid

World-class MENTAL TOUGHNESS Coach


Jim Madrid 

Jim is the CEO/Founder of Advance Sports Technology, Inc. He is an Author, sought after Keynote speaker on Human Performance and Leadership Advisor.

From Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Nordstrom, Lexus to professional sports teams and athletes like the Seattle Sounders FC, NBA/NFL Players to collegiate teams like California State University Fullerton, University of California Irvine, UNLV, Seattle University and collegiate athletes to youth sports clubs, teams and individuals, Jim Madrid and AST has helped these organizations and individuals achieve unprecedented, record breaking results.

 Jim and Advance Sports Technology, Inc. have created a cohesive process of improvement through their world class ‘Mental Conditioning’ program, The 10 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness™.  

AST’s programs for Corporate, Associations, Administrators, Coaches, Officials, Elite and Student Athletes.

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