Welcome to the wonderful world of Coaching Youth Baseball! 

We've designed this plan for coaches, parents and volunteers who want to learn more about baseball while developing their ability to teach youth players. Take pride in the commitment you've made to the youngsters. This plan is specifically intended for use at the beginning of the Kids Pitch levels of youth baseball, or what we've titled "Ages 9 to 12". Inside, you'll find an entire library of exclusive video drills, coaching tips and downloadable practice materials conveniently organized into the following topics: 

1.) Throwing and Catching 
2.) Fielding 
3.) Hitting 
4.) Baserunning 
5.) Pitching 

We've intentionally focused on these five skills as they are foundational to the game of baseball and essential for players to practice as they progress to more organized game play. At the end, we've also included a collection of videos called "Coaching Tips and Advice" - these provide valuable insight on everything from practice organization to dealing with parents to help you along the way. You can access any piece of content online at anytime to get a step ahead of the game in planning your team practices and training sessions.