Topic 5: Pitching

Developing pitchers at the youth level is a gradual process that should not be rushed. Start slowly with simple teaching points to instill proper throwing mechanics before moving onto drills that focus specifically on the pitching motion.

This process can start during the first 15 minutes of each practice.  While your pitchers are playing catch, they should practice proper arm mechanics, accuracy and follow-through to provide a base from which to build upon during pitching drills and mound work.

With young pitchers, it is important not to overload them with too much information.  Every pitcher is a bit different so try to identify one or two teaching points that are specific to each pitcher. Be sure to emphasize those teaching points at each practice until the habit has improved or changed.

If you have access to a video camera, try taking some footage of each pitcher's mechanics and watching it with them at practice. Sometimes young players truly don't understand what they're doing wrong until they see it. That being said, don't feel as though you need to over-coach your pitchers.

Often times the best coach is a coach who allows his players to make adjustments on their own. Pitching and making adjustments is often a "feel thing" and you will be surprised what your pitchers can figure out if you allow them the opportunity.

We have provided a series of drills which we feel will work to assist you in emphasizing proper mechanics. Try to keep the teaching interesting and fun, and always keep your kids moving!