Topic 4: Hitting

Let's be honest: hitting the ball is probably the most exciting aspect of the game for many young players. Coaches need to use this enthusiasm to their advantage when it comes to working with kids ages 9 to 12 to develop their bat skills and swing mechanics.

Getting players to improve as hitters over the course of a season requires varying amounts of instruction according to each player's individual abilities and baseball experience. Keep in mind that from a physical maturity standpoint, some kids at this age will be further developed than others.

Regardless of where each player is physically, coaches should provide instruction that builds upon the player's natural swing rather than trying to replace it with something new. Young hitters have a tendency to become very robotic at the plate when coaches try to change too much too soon.

Working with each player's swing rather than in spite of it will help to keep hitters feeling loose, athletic and comfortable while providing opportunities for the coach to correct any major mechanical flaws.

Use the drills included in this topic to help your hitters make more consistent contact and to prepare for live pitching in game situations.

Let's get started!