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  • 2016-04-21

Last week hundreds of families and MLB, NFL, and NBA legends came out to join CTX Ability Sports and MLB Players Alumni for their Inclusion Baseball Clinic in Pflugerville, TX. Every year this event gives kids with all abilities the opportunity to get out on the field, learn life lessons, and have fun.

It was incredible to participate and witness the joy of sports this program gives to children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience. This is something that we at CoachTube believe in whole-heartedly, and we were proud to help capture the amazing things CTXAS and their partners are doing to promote inclusion in sports.

Watch this video to see for yourself!

Fourteen Ways To Turn A .300 Hitter Into A .210 Hitter

Fourteen Ways To Turn A .300 Hitter Into A .210 Hitter

Here are a few tips that can help pitchers throw more strikes in those big games:

Utilize records, data and video from previous games to better understand the hitters you will be up against and learn how best to pitch to certain batters. For instance, if the hitter likes to extend on the ball, it makes sense to pitch to him inside. Similarly, if a hitter has trouble with a fastball, the pitcher may want to rely on this basic pitch.

Diversify your pitches. Pitchers can benefit from mastering four or five pitches. While this is not a physically easy task, having a variety of pitches can keep batters guessing and consequently off balance.

Throw more strikes. Throwing strikes is very important. In addition, focusing on throwing strikes can help to remove mental clutter from the pitcher’s mind and can help to simplify the task at hand for many pitchers.

Stay ahead of the hitter. At the major league level, staying ahead of the hitter can actually turn at .300 hitter into a .210 hitter as found by the sports statistical researchers at Carlton Chin. This ninety-point swing can be a huge advantage for the hurler. Pitchers need to have an appreciation of this simple mathematical fact.

Build relationships. Pitchers need to have a good working relationship with their pitching coach, their head coach and their catcher.

Develop a positive self-talk. A Pitcher needs to know what kind of self-talk allows them to “enter the zone” on the mound. It is all about how you communicate and drive yourself when it comes to getting positive outcomes.

Clear your mind. Some pitchers benefit from knowing how to empty their minds of all distractions before each and every pitch. This empty mind helps them to allow their athleticism and years of training to take over when they are on the pitching mound.

Visualize your target. Some pitchers think in terms of hitting the catcher’s mitt. Others try to hit portions of the plate. Pitchers need to choose a target that gives them the right amount of focus, without creating too much anxiety for them. The right target can very from pitcher to pitcher.

Disrupt the hitter’s timing. While location of pitches is very important, pitchers need to remember that good pitching is also about disrupting the hitter’s timing. Varying speeds can be a very useful skill for baseball hurlers.

Limit self-inflicted pressure. Some pitchers put too much pressure on themselves by forgetting that they have teammates on the field that can help them win games. A ground out or fly out is as good as strikeout much of the time in baseball.

Focus on one thing. Some baseball hurlers do well by focusing on a simple part of their mechanics. For example, a pitcher might focus on the follow through or their leg maneuvers. Another pitcher might repeat a short phrase to himself like “easy does it.” Find what works for you to simplify your pitch.

Develop a pre-pitch routine. Having a consistent pre-pitch routing helps many pitchers to perform well.

Find your pitching habit. Knowing the pace that you like to pitch at is also important. Some pitchers like to work rapidly. Others need more time between each pitch. Pitchers who are struggling may want to adjust their pace of pitching accordingly. Experiment with less time or more time and see what works best.

Focus your mind with mental training exercises. Pitchers can benefit from mental toughness training to show them how to be relaxed, confident, focused and resilient when the pressure is on. Hypnosis, visualization and meditation can help pitchers to maintain the right mindset in the dugout, in the bullpen and on the mound.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, author and founder of www.StayInTheZone.com

Learn more about how you can start pitch in the zone in Dr. Granat’s full course on CoachTube:How To Throw More Strikes With Sport Psychology & Self-Hypnosis



CoachTube Offers Athletes Unique Access to World-Class Coaches

On Demand Courses Provide Opportunities for Athletes to Improve their Game

AUSTIN, Texas (February 12, 2015) — CoachTube.com, the first and only two-sided marketplace for aspiring athletes and parent coaches, announced its official launch today with over 200 courses already available. CoachTube.com founder Wade Floyd, along with his team of industry experts, created this sports-focused video course platform with both athletes and coaches in mind. The rapidly growing site enables athletes to learn skills and techniques on-demand from some of the world’s leading coaches in their respected sports.

“I created CoachTube.com for the kid in me that wished I could have learned from the best growing up. The expensive sports camps were not in my parent’s budget, so it just made sense to create an affordable option for aspiring athletes of all ages. After talking to hundreds of coaches, from pros to parent volunteers, I realized the impact CoachTube could have in today’s online-learning atmosphere, especially because there isn’t an online marketplace for coaching and learning sports skills like there is in academic and technology learning,” Floyd, said. “Growing up, I often wondered why there wasn’t a place online where the best coaches from each sport could showcase their talents. What I’ve learned in the process of building this site, is that my curiosity was shared by other coaches who not only wanted to share their knowledge of the game, but also to help other athletes reach their goals.”

CoachTube.com empowers athletes by giving them unique access to talented coaches who can help them improve their specific skill set. Parents can make world-class training available to their children at an affordable price, choosing from hundreds of experienced coaches, each committed to helping athletes reach their full potential. The platform simultaneously empowers coaches to take their brand to the next level and impact a vastly larger audience. Coaches can set course prices, with demand driving the optimal price point, choose to donate all proceeds to their foundation or simply make their videos available for free. CoachTube.com covers the technical operations, distribution, and even marketing, allowing coaches to simply do what they do best—coach.

“I have spent the past 30 years coaching tennis and influencing the best players in the world, from Venus and Serena Williams to former top-ranked Brazilian, Gustavo Kerten,” comments Oscar Wegner, famed tennis coach and founder of The Modern Tennis Methodology. “Now, CoachTube.com is helping me deliver my revolutionary tennis techniques to a whole new generation of future pros.”

CoachTube.com enables coaches to disseminate useful content, without having to worry about technology, distribution costs or marketing, all while providing the opportunity to supplement their income or to donate funds to their favorite charity. CoachTube.com makes it easy to create and share premium content with audiences anywhere in the world at an affordable rate, allowing anyone to access CoachTube from their desktop, laptop or even a smart phone.

Currently, CoachTube.com features the following sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cricket, fitness, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, running, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, softball, sports performance, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, wrestling and yoga. Courses in additional sports will be added as the site’s network of expert coaches continues to grow.

Featured coaches on CoachTube.com include: Matt Nokes (baseball), Koran Godwin (basketball), Oscar Wegner (tennis), Dr. Hal Wissel (basketball), Mike Hollis (football), Scott Newman (soccer), Carl Adams (wrestler), Jerry Weinstein (baseball). For more information about CoachTube, visit www.coachtube.com.


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CoachTube.com, created in 2014 and founded by Austin-based entrepreneur Wade Floyd, provides an online opportunity for coaches to give every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge, and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes. CoachTube.com provides access to training from some of the world’s best coaches in the form of on-demand video courses that can be taken anywhere, at any time.