Coaching Youth Baseball: Ages 5 to 8

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coaching Youth Baseball!

We've designed this plan for coaches, parents and volunteers who want to learn more about baseball while developing their ability to teach youth players. Congratulations on making the commitment to the players.

This plan is specifically intended for use at the T-Ball and Coach Pitch levels of youth baseball - or what we've titled "Ages 5 to 8". Inside, you'll find an entire library of exclusive video drills, coaching tips and downloadable practice materials conveniently organized into the following topics:

1.) Throwing
2.) Catching
3.) Fielding
4.) Hitting
5.) Baserunning

We've intentionally focused on these five skills because they are fundamental to the game of baseball and essential for players to learn at this age before progressing to more organized game play. At the end, we've also included a collection of videos called "Coaching Tips and Advice" - these provide valuable insight on everything from practice organization to dealing with parents to help you along the way. You can access any piece of content online at anytime to get a step ahead of the game in planning your team practices and training sessions.

1 Getting Started
2 Meet Coach Scott Bradley 01:35
3 Meet Coach Jeremy Meccage 01:42
Topic 1: Throwing
4 Introduction to Throwing
5 How To Grip A Baseball 00:30
6 Eye Drill 00:57
7 Knee Drill 01:45
8 Stride Drill 02:02
9 Balance Drill 01:25
10 Line Drill 01:41
Topic 2: Catching
11 Introduction to Catching
12 Glove-Side Drill 01:13
13 Backhand Drill 01:08
14 Playing A Game Of Catch 04:22
15 Tennis Ball Drill 00:58
16 Between-The-Shoulders Drill 01:12
17 Glove-Side Catch On Run 01:09
18 Backhand Catch On Run 01:15
19 Football Pattern Drill 01:55
Topic 3: Fielding
20 Introduction to Fielding
21 Knee Bend 01:20
22 One-Hand Reach 01:20
23 Forehands and Backhands 01:12
24 Bat Drill 01:23
25 Field and Crow Hop 02:10
26 Hat Drill 01:27
27 Pop-Ups and Fly Balls 01:31
Topic 4: Hitting
28 Introduction to Hitting
29 Swing Mechanics 02:36
30 Pendulum Drill 01:30
31 Batting Tee Basics 01:53
32 One, Two, Tee Drill 01:57
33 Multi-Ball Drill 01:27
34 Side-Toss Drill 02:12
Topic 5: Baserunning
35 Introduction to Baserunning
36 Running To First 01:47
37 First Base Turn Drill 01:01
38 Pickle Drill 02:29
39 Relay Base Drill 01:40
Coaching Tips and Advice
40 Focus On Fundamentals 00:56
41 Prepare For Practice 01:10
42 Every Kid Plays 01:01
43 Learn Players' Names 00:35
44 Positive and Fun! 00:45
45 Encourage Participation 01:52
46 Get Down On A Knee 00:40
47 Hydration 01:17
48 Don't Over Coach 00:45
49 Ending Practices 00:35
BONUS MATERIAL - Practice Plans
50 Practice 1: Fielding and Throwing
51 Practice 2: Throwing
52 Practice 3: Hitting Basics
53 Practice 4: Hitting and Baserunning
54 Practice 5: Hitting and Fielding
55 Practice 6: Infield Positions
56 Practice 7: Outfield Defense
57 Practice 8: Infield and Outfield
58 Practice 9: Fielding and Sliding
59 Practice 10: Infield Drills
60 Practice 11: Fielding and Hitting
61 Practice 12: Rundowns
62 Practice 13: Outfield and Baserunning
63 Practice 14: Game Situations
64 Practice 15: Infield and Outfield
65 Practice 16: Game Situations
66 Practice 17: Situations and Outfield Defense
67 Practice 18: Live Game Situations
68 Practice 19: Batting Practice Game
69 Practice 20: Stations

ScottBradley Scott Bradley Head Baseball Coach at Princeton University

Nine season major leaguer, Scott Bradley, mixes fun and fundamentals in this kid-friendly introduction to the game’s basics. His 40 easy-to-follow drills let you share your players’ pride as they learn the right way to throw, catch, hit and run the bases. 

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Awesome! Enjoyed the step by step, basics well covered. Thank you!
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Very valuable practical information, a lot to learn in a very organized way
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