Topic 1: Throwing

Let's get the fun started. When working with kids at the earliest levels of the game, it's important to start each season from the very beginning. When players show up at the team's first practice, it's safe to assume that it may be their time learning basic baseball skills such as throwing and catching. Even for players with a year or two of team experience, it's always a good idea to reinforce proper technique to give your team the best chance to improve and to build confidence in their abilities. This first topic focuses on the fundamentals of throwing a baseball.

We'll begin by teaching players the right way to hold a baseball and progress to simple throwing mechanics that will help players make accurate and consistent throws. At the end of the session, we've included a number of simple drills that you can use during practice or assign as "homework" for players to work on at home. Remember, when it comes to throwing a baseball repetition is key. Give each player plenty of reps and be sure to continually emphasize the importance of balance, direction and follow-through.

Let's get started!