Creating Athletic, Consistent, Exceptional (A.C.E.) Infielders

by CoachKNelson


Many infield drills and philosophies create rigid robotic infielders who never reach their full athletic potential.  This course is the same philosophies and drills used by NCAA Gold Glove Short Stop Same Klein, and will show you how to create infielders that are Athletic, Consistent, and Extraordinary, placing the emphasis of your coaching on footwork, athleticism, game like reps in practice, and competitive games that will have allow your infielders translate their practice performance to in game success. 


Introduction and Philosophy
1 A.C.E. Infielder Introduction 04:00 2 How to develop A.C.E. infielders, philsophy 09:56
Pre-game and Practice Prep
3 Warm-up Agility Drills for Infielders 04:06 4 Four Corner and Rundown Warm-up 5 Four corner flips left 00:14 6 Four corner flips right 00:06 7 Four corners left overhand 00:13 8 Four corners right overhand 00:09 9 Productive Throwing Program For Infielders
Pre-Pitch Preparation
10 Pre-Pitch Routine 01:49 11 Pre-Pitch Positioning 05:34
Fielding Ground Balls and Pop-ups
12 Fielding Routine Ground Balls 09:16 13 Fielding Backhands 03:02 14 Cutoff Rules for Infielders Video 04:44 15 Cutoff Rules for Infielders PDF 16 Accepting Throws and Making Tags 01:09 17 Pop-up Communication System 18 Pop-Up Communication Video 07:04
Special Footwork for 1st Basemen
19 Footwork for 1st Basemen 06:31
Double Play Feeds and Turns
20 Double Play Feeds from SS 06:47 21 Double Play Feeds from 2nd Base 04:05 22 Double Play Turns from SS 05:01 23 Double Play Turns, the Pivot From 2nd Base 04:46
Daily Drills
24 Blocked vs. Random Practice 02:32 25 Quick Transfer, No Glove 00:55 26 Quick Transfer w/ Glove 00:42 27 Two Knee, No Glove 01:47 28 Two Knee, No Glove, Backhand 01:35 29 Wide Base, No Glove 00:55 30 Wide Base, Backhand w/ Glove 00:52 31 Short Hop Game 01:52 32 Backhand Shorthop 01:52 33 Form Fielding 02:27 34 Backhand Simulation 02:24
Full Infield Drills and Tactical (Competitive) Games
35 Full Infield Drills PDF 36 Full Infield Drills Video 05:58 37 Tactical Games for Infielders PDF 38 Tactical Games For Infielders Video 05:27
Ten Week Infield Development Plan
39 10 Week Infield Development Plan
BONUS Developing Dynamic Outfielders
40 Developing Dynamic Outfielders
PDF Downloads
41 Four Corner and Rundown Warm-up – DOWNLOAD 42 Productive Throwing Program For Infielders – DOWNLOAD 43 Cutoff Rules for Infielders PDF – DOWNLOAD 44 Pop-up Communication System – DOWNLOAD 45 Full Infield Drills PDF – DOWNLOAD 46 Tactical Games for Infielders PDF – DOWNLOAD

The Coach



Cornerstone Coaching Academy


Coach Kyle Nelson is the owner and founder of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy, a company dedicated to serving and educating amateur baseball coaches all over the globe.  He is also the head baseball coach at Burlington Central High School, in Burlington, IL where he has put his teachings to use to the tune of 8 conference titles, and 5 regional titles in the past 10 years while mentoring over 40 players on to the college and professional ranks.  

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Very nicely done. Perfect refresher course for drilling fundlementals. Recommend for 10 yr. olds through high school. I plan to incorporate alot of this in my 9u travel team practice.

Nov 29, 16 03:42 AM

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